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I've been writing music since I was young, around 6 or 7 years old. Mainly piano songs bashed out on our Family Upright Piano, but according to my mother she could still hum them after.

My first cringeworthy song was when one of my sister got married, I would never dare to perform it now, as it's awful!! But it was my first lyrical song written in 1986. 

I've written about 150 songs or so since then.


What is a song?

A song is a story. An expression of emotions. A way of conveying thoughts and feelings. A channel of communicating the deepest and rawest of thoughts and feelings.

A song is personal. Private. But it's also shared.

This might sound confusing, but have you ever stopped and analysed a song and listened to what is being expressed? That's the real beauty of a song.

I write songs that express snapshots of feelings and expressions that we often feel in life.  We convey emotions that can move you to smile, to laugh, to think, or to cry. 

That's what a song is. That's what I do, reach down into our deepest emotions. Our Fire. Our Never Ending Fire.

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Vital Info:

Concert times:  Flexible around 10am to 1pm slt weekdays.  Occasionally at weekends.

Timezone:  SLT+8

Fee:  3k standard, negotiable + charity work on request

Second Life Contact: 

Apple Tophat (Manager)

Andee Tophat (Performer / Manager)


Genre:  Ballads / Pop / Electronic / Piano



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