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MichaelJ Rossini

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Ashley Bayside is a true legend in the Second Life live music industry.  After a brief hiatus after she closed the legendary Saddles, she is now back with her latest wonderful creation "Ashley's Oasis"

Taking a break from her hectic schedule, Ashley kindly agreed to an interview with Toggle For Music

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Michael:     Hi Ashley  - thank you so much for taking time out to do this interview with Toggle For Music. 

First up  - Could you tell me something about your background and how you got involved in the crazy world of Second Life in the first place? 

Ashley:     I am a former nurse, events coordinator, Co Owner of Business. I come from a family of Live performers so my love for Live music stand from growing up around it, I am disable and stay at home mom, Work a few side jobs when able.
My sister got me involved in Sl she and  We live thousand mile apart so this was our way to stay in touch do things together

Michael:     In your early SL days did you plan - or even envisage - owning a successful music venue ?  

Ashley:     No I just wanted to come have fun and enjoy Live Music. I open my own place because when I go out I alway approached things I rather not be involved in. So by having my own place I didn't have to be involved or exposed to things that did not interest me. 

Michael:     Saddles was a venue loved by soo many in SL - but now you moved on - so tell me all about Ashley's Oasis please.and all the terrific kinds of events you have on here 

 Ashley:     Yes Saddles was loved by many wish they would come enjoy Ashley's Oasis as much, Saddles was classified as Country venue and we did so much more then country, So coming back after the hit by covid that required me to shut down Saddles. I thought would be best to open back up Ashley's Oasis so people did not think of us only a country venue.  


We have Morning Coffee like we did at Saddles, 24 hour Game area for people enjoyment,  We have Live Music a few days week, Open mic on Friday 10am, We also have our ballroom event on Wednesday nights like we did at Saddles, We have a few dj events though the week we would really enjoy you all to come enjoy the fantastic DJs we have here as well.


Venue is also a romantic venue hang out, We do other events seasonal events, Wedding, Birthday Parties, also rent out the venue when not being used for our own events. Alway open to suggestions for what people would like for events. 
We are here to please our guests as well as have fun. 

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Michael:     You know the Second Life live music industry inside out by now.  Do you feel it is in a healthy state at this moment in time ?  

If you could do one thing to improve it - what would it be?

Ashley:     If I could or had the power to improve something I would have to say more of the amazing talented performers to be given recording contracts there are so many of them that need to be on the radio, They are fantastic, 

Michael:     Conversely what would you say irks you the most ?  (aside from annoying interviewers) 

Ashley:      I have to say people do not understand how much work go into venue up keeping and how much work venue owners do for this all to take place for there enjoyment, There are so many awesome venue owners that need to be praise for all there hard work and dedication.  

Michael:    .  So - when you aren't running your amazing venue - are there other activities in Second Life that you enjoy ?

Ashley:      I enjoy taking photos, also playing games with my friends and drinking coffee. Spending time supporting others, venues , performers. 

Michael:      Finally, the future ... Are there any plans or new projects that you would like to share with our readers - or are you content with what you have created now and enjoying the ride ?  

Ashley:     We are always coming up with events that we hope everyone will enjoy so if there any event that someone would like we have a suggestion box at our land point for all your request we are here to make sure you enjoy your second life. 

Thank You Ashley !!!

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