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Star Sign:

My Passions

Music I Listen To:   

Favorite song

Dana Enyo

Clothing creator and owner of En YO! Shops, Videographer

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Sagittarius (Tzolk'in Date sign is Kawak)

Inside SL: fashion, music, meeting interesting people. Also anything in or on the oceans; I am on the Board of the Safe Waters Foundation and an owner of the big Sirens Isle Social group.
In RL: international travel once it's safe again.

In SL, mostly jazz, with different kinds of Latin jazz my favorites.  In RL: whatever is playing in the background; this is Mexico so there's ALWAYS something!

"The Waters of March" (Portuguese: "Águas de Março")  composed by Antônio Carlos Jobim, translated and performed around the world.

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