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Featured Performer

Hedy   Patrucci

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Talking to

Aqua Willowindi


Hedy Patrucci

A name which, for me, conjures up so many thoughts. I’ve known this incredible lady for 10 years at least. Hedy was one of the very first Artists to sing at Blues Cove when I was a nervous, unsure, new venue owner who couldn’t even put a stream in the land details. Back then I was scared to death of the few artists who made my Fridays a blast. I was in awe. And Hedy? Hedy of the divine voice? It would be years before I could even halfway make a funny comment in her show.

A kind of hero-worship maybe, but this lady is so, so special, not only for her incredible voice but for her warm, caring, and giving personality.

Since those early days, the music scene has changed, and Venues have grown. And my admiration and respect for Hedy Petrucci is as strong and constant as ever.

Now here I am in the unique position to be able to interview Hedy. .

Who would have thought:)


Aqua     Hedy Thank you so much for giving your time, to me, to Toggle for Music


Aqua     Hedy, I know you as a deeply private person, but I would love to know what pulled you into the secondlife music scene. What was that magic moment?


Hedy:     In fact, my brother introduced me to SL. He was singing here and asked me to sing a song... And well.....I was


Aqua     Hedy I know you didn’t just start to sing when you came into Secondlife. I feel the music in your soul every time I hear you sing and I know others feel it too, Where, How? When did you sing before SecondLife, okay I know that’s a lot rolled into one.:))


Hedy:     I started to sing when I was 7 years old. ! am the youngest of 11, yes 11 lol

We had a church choir at home and a family band and my mother taught all the boys to play the guitar or the ukelele.

Music is a huge part of our lives..always has been and always will be!

Aqua     It was wonderful to have you back after a break, our friend BB and I were in the audience side by side listening, both of us so moved. There’s a strong connection between your fans and yourself. This may seem a silly question, we both know the answer to but Can you tell the readers just how important this love is.


Hedy:     My group is called fans of Hedy Petrucci but they are not fans you are all my friends.

And if it wasn't for my friends I wouldn't be singing on Secondlife

Love for music and each other.

I try to make people feel what I sing and make them all a part of the music scene.

And I am so glad to be back singing again. I never ever thought I could anymore.

I am VERY lucky

Aqua     You have been a part of the Second life music scene for some time, Can you tell me any memorable moments that have stayed with you? A musician, a duet, an Event?


Hedy:     RFL and KIKA


They both touch me!

HEDY 2.png

Aqua     And Hedy - a few Fun Questions cooked up between BB and myself :)


Aqua      What makes you smile on a sad day


Hedy:     New shoes and hair-- hahaha just kidding

But my Family keeps me going and I always try to stay positive

How do they say it...a day not laughed at is a day not lived??



Aqua      Tell me about the day Lord proposed I heard there was a funny story:)


Hedy:     OMG how long do you have????

He proposed in the air flying a chopper

Then he said can you read the banner and before I could even answer he crashed lol

I was like what a weirdo ! I haven't answered yet and he is already gone ha ha ha


Aqua      If you can invite 5 people for dinner (dead or alive) who will you invite


Hedy:     My parents, They passed away

My inlaws passed away also

My brother passed away also

That's gonna be a cheap dinner they won't eat that much ! hahaha kidding.

But honestly, I miss them and always will.


Aqua      What do you do on Lazy Sundays?


Hedy:     Take a ride in our convertable or however you spell know a car with the roof down lol Or a movie on netflix .

I loveeeee to go to the sea

Give me a bottle of water and I am happy


Aqua      What is your favorite recipe or meal


Hedy:     Sushi

Aqua        What are your thoughts about the LIVE music scene today and would you change anything ?
Hedy:    It's awesome lots of talent and different music i love it!
The only thing i would like to change is that there is no competition no jealousy.
Just sing your heart out and respect each other.

Aqua       You've been performing in front of Secondlife audiences for quite some time now.. . What do you feel are the challenges of performing?

Hedy:    To sing any songs people ask i guess.
Or learn new songs you never sang before.
But most important is to have fun with singing and the audience 

TAO DAY 1 HEDY 1.jpg

Thank You Hedy !!!

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