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Bonely Mosely

 by Aqua Willowind

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There was an exciting vibe as more and more people came in exchanging greetings.This was a very special event , a recreation of the Hummingbird Cafe in the early years of Secondlife 2006 .


Boney was one of the original performers to grace the Hummingbird stage . Along with Live performers, Dimi also had a very popular Open Mic where such Stars as , Max Kleene were discovered and helped by Dimi

 Boney Mosely was first on stage singing The Mystic by Van Morrison, a beautiful tune which Boney made his own He has an awesome folksy voice and a pleasant way with the audience.

 Included in his show were such tunes as

Bob Marleys 'Everything's Gonna be

Van  Morrison's ' The Mystic'

'Keep Movin n'

'Have you ever seen the rain'

Edward Lowell


Edward Lowell

Coming into the Hummingbird cafe set in a beautiful meadowland, I walk under the archway carved into the cave wall to be warmly greeted by Jole and Kat  and Dimi. I settle down somewhere in the back  Joined by my TFM colleagues Taila Saenz and Sunshine Palmyra . We are here to write about the reunion of the famous Hummingbird Cafe originally created by Dimi Ludwig in 2006  and now faithfully recreated here in this pretty Meadow.

Dimi took to the stage to introduce Edward Lowell, a long-time friend and one of the original performers. Dimi made us all smile sharing his memories. There was an amazing heartwarming vibe to the Reunion show which ended with a Jamming session and duet, more of that later

 It's my privilege to write about Edward Lowell, a very close friend of Dimi and one of the original performers at the HummigBird Cafe in 2006.


 Edward sang McGuffey Lane Long Time Lovin, one of the many great tunes .. Edward has a fabulous mellow voice with a slight edge to it , very easy to listen to, sadly his show was only 30 minutes, as were the other performers in this reunion, too short.

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Dimivan Ludwig


Marqs de Sade

Snapshot _ Love Kats I, Love Kats (171, 18, 2203) - Dimi.png
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