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On a dark day in December 2021 our dear friend Kendall Jigsaw was taken from us.  Loved and respected as a performer and musician, Kendall was inspirational to so many, his boundless energy and enthusiasm never failing to affect all those around him.

On December 18th 2021 some of his friends got together to pay their tribute to this wonderful man.  The venue they chose was Lavender Fields, home to Feed A Smile, a charity close to Kendall's heart.

Our team at TFM recorded the event and now keep it here  as a  permanent reminder of the event and of the man himself throughout the years to come......

Animus Writer

 by Maggie May

AMINIUS 2+.png

Upon entering The Lavender Field For Feed A Smile there was an instant sense of calm. Anyone knowing Kendall knows he was here in spirit. I'm expecting there will be loads of emotion and love shared today, not only in an effort to provide a smile for a child, but in knowing Kendall is smiling down upon us. 
Aminus Writer takes the platform, and his rendition of Damien Rice's - The Blower's Daughter and The Verve's - Bittersweet Symphony I found it took me a moment to regain my composure. I still find it hard that he's gone, but his memory is very much alive today. 

Katia Portugal

 by Maggie May

KATIA 1.png
KATIA 2.png

I, always being a firm believer of how a simple hello could change your outlook of the day or if you're lucky a change in your life, Katia Portugal takes the stage and mentions how a man from the crowd approaches her saying he just wanted to say hello and from there she found a friend in the man she's playing tribute to today. Someone in the crowd had mentioned that Kendall would want us to to enjoy the music and just have fun. No truer statement will be said today! Katia starts off by rocking the stage with Led Zeppelin's Dazed and Confused. Next, she breaks out with Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water, a fave of any guitarist

Katia shared the first of many stories I am certain will be told today of a great human that left us way too soon. Not a dry eye in the crowd when suddenly the place fills with Kendalls voice. A post from FB where he was graciously thanking e'ryone for reaching out and simply saying get well soon when he had been in the hospital.

Rick Pepper

 by Maggie May

RICK 1.png
RICK 2.png

Rick Pepper is slated to take the stage next. He performs his first choice of the day, one of my personal faves,  Judy Garlands Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Following suit he shares the memory of Kendall often catching his shows and lending support. A story of many about Kendall in this community.


Rick performs Elton Johns Circle Of Life. Such a humble performance in memory of a humble yet great soul. 
Imagine if you will, being in the presence of such a man, one that supports and shows love for not just a chosen few but for each one he comes across. Sharing his love and more importantly his heart.


If one man could make such a great impact in this part of the world imagine what a wonderful place this would be if there were more men just like him. Today there are no cliques, groups or select few. Today there is unity, a celebration of a life that was cut way too short. 
In Kendall's words...Its All About The Love!  ♥

Seli Blackmore

 by Aqua Willowind

SELI 1.png
SELI 2.png

Seli Blackmore opened her tribute set with   'One Headlight' and Run away TRain'. As Seli said, at times like this , it's important to remember the good stuff .


This is a celebration of music and music was in Kendall's soul. Seli ended her show with a song called 'Into the West' which is the last song in the Lord of the rings Trilogy' Seli has a haunting rock voice which I just know Kendall was up there listening to.


 by Aqua Willowind

WINTER 1.png
WINTER 2.png

Winter sang  ' I still got the Blues for you' reminding us of how amazing Kendall was on guitar.  And Kendall WAS a Blues man..Winter told us how Kendall would come to him and say' No matter what, I'm in brother'. Tis was Kendall.  

The kids had been taught to sing ' I have a right ' which is now on facebook. Winter sang this song with all his heart. For Kendal . For the Kids..

Winter ended his set with a song called ' For Those Who are Gone'  Kendall is not gone , his spirit    is watching  us and loving the music

Noma Falta

 by Aqua Willowind

NOMA 1.png
NOMA 2.png

Noma sang one of the most beautiful songs ever, 'Landslide' by Fleetwood Mac..


Kendall was at heart a Blues Man , he would have loved to hear Noma singing , as she is such a Blues Lady.. This is her genre, as it is mine .The blues has sultry moodiness , sexiness and passion.. All of this is captured in Noma's singing.


Kendall, I  just know you are loving this..
Noma ended her show with a a classic , one of my all time favourites , 'I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight' /awesome

Beth Odets and Twostep Spiritweaver

 by Taila Saenz

Smile in the light.jpg

Beth Odets and Twostep Spiritweaver took the stage halfway through this wonderful memorial in honor of Kendall Jigsaww and started off with a very mellow version of Tennessee whiskey.


Beth on the violin and Twostep on the acoustic guitar and with his rough voice, harmonize very well together.


The two brought us moving songs with them, which they performed very soulfully, playing the violin did the rest to make the audience very emotional. A very nice performance of the two.

Putri Solosinger

 by Taila Saenz

Smile in the light.jpg
PUTRI 1.png

The event continued with Putri SoloSinger, who presented us with some pop classics with her well-known grandiose voice.


It was visibly difficult for her to speak so she was touched to be able to take part in this memorial, for which she chose titles like Another day in paradise or Heal the world.


Fittingly, the guests thanked her with huge applause.

PUTRI 2.png

Reno Jones

 by Taila Saenz

Smile in the light.jpg

With a little help from my friends, the charismatic Reno Jones started his 30-minute program and with the selection of his songs, he brought us some life wisdom at the same time.


Times like these - he commented with “we have to stick together and take care of each other” which was especially true for Jenni, who has to bear this unbelievably heavy loss.


Reno's short program was wonderful and with his natural, slightly rough voice, he waved songs of charity, optimism and happiness, in the spirit of Kendall, who stood for all of this.

Hold on no matter how hard today is tomorrow is full of possibilitys and make someone happy, make just one happy and you will happy too !!!


Abby Jaidov

 by Aqua Willowind


Abby Jaidov  opened her set with ' Knockin on Heaven's door'', a deeply touching   song by Eric Clapton, Abby sings with a strong voice full of depth and emotion. She  talked of coping with grief , of the loss of a special soul like Kendall. The Memorial was  the first time I heard Abby and wanting to know more , I looked at her story. .


This is a lady who has made it through the toughest of times and come out the other  side with a love of music. She rounded off her set with 'I hope you Dance' and 'Sound of Silence'. Kendall was up there loving it..


 by Valana Spencer

STINNA 1.png
STINNA 2.png

Today we are at Lavender Fields to listen to many performers present their musical eulogies and say goodbye to a cherished friend and performer, Kendall Jigsaw. Today's memorial service will also support "Feed A Smile," supporting children living in Nakuru, Kenya, a charity that was close to Kendall's heart.

Stinna took the stream at 2 pm SLT  and began her eulogy by reminiscing about time spent with Kendall talking and enjoying music together. She also spoke about how he found Celtic music to be one of his favorite genres. 


Her first song was "Dante's Prayer" by Loreena McKennitt, followed by "Under a Violet Moon" by Blackmoore's Night and "Cherish The Moment" by Billie Eilish.  Also by Blackmore's night was "Four Winds" and her final song, a very touching, "Wish You Were Here."

Ry Ann

 by Valana Spencer

RY ANNE 1.png

Ryanne followed Stinna with her music eulogy at 3 pm remembering and sharing her memories of Kendall. 


She started with his favorite song, and one that he always requested of her was " I Put A Spell on You" by Christone Kingfish Ingram.


Then continued with "Ond Of Us" by Joan Osborne; "Linger" by the Cranberries; "Wicked Game" originally by Chris Isaak; "Nothing Compare To You" by Sinead O'Connor; "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen and finishing with "Ashes" by Celine Dion.

JimmyT49 Dukes

 by Valana Spencer

RY ANNE 2.png
JIMMYT 1.png
JIMMYT 2.png

JimmyT49 Dukes took over the stream at 4 pm, spending the next hour sharing his memories of Kendall, talking about the great times they had enjoying music and how much he admired Kendall's incredible guitar skills. 


Jimmy dedicated his first song to Kendall, "Seagull" by Bad Company. Then continued with "Blue Jean Blues" by ZZ Top; "Home" by Marc Broussard; "Make It Rain" by Ed Sheeran; "The Thrill Is Gone" by B.B. King. He also sang "Bridge of Sighs" by Robin Trower, requested by Jimmie Jax, dedicated to Kendall; "Sloe Gin" by Joe Bonamassa,  Ending the day's musical tribute with "House Of The Rising Sun" by The Animals.

Kendall's passing is a tremendous loss to the music world and to those of us who knew and loved him. May his beautiful, musical soul rest in peace.  

Photography by BB Woodford

BB Woodford survivor pic 512-512.png

Edited by MichaelJ Rossini

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