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On a dark day in April 2023 our dear friend and team member Kissi Tulips was taken from us.  Loved by everyone she came in contact with , Kissi was inspirational to so many, her energy and enthusiasm never failing to affect all those around her.

On Sunday April 16th some of Kissi's friends got together to pay their tribute to this amazing woman.  The venue they chose was Sapphire Beach, and all proceeds went to the wonderful Feed A Smile, a charity close to Kissi's heart.

Our team at TFM recorded the event and now keep it here  as a  permanent reminder of the event and of Kissi herself throughout the years to come......

Tally Mercury

Performer 1 Tally.jpg

 by Aqua Willowind


Coming into    Kissi's Memorial , I stand for a few minutes drinking in the beautiful surroundings which have been created by John and Claudine of Sapphire Beach  club .A million stars light up the sky , reflecting on the shimmering water below. A circle of stars surround Kissi's image  above the stage.To one side is a white marble table with a guestbook for all to sign and leave a message bedecked with balloons. Claudine , John, ,imaggie, Sunray and Indi greet guests as they arrive along with Dwerner , Kissi's partner .


Tally Mercury steps onto the stage and sits on a stool with his Guitar. This the first time I have heard Tally and found myself blown away by his haunting voice

Tally opened with 'Let it Go' followed by 'I'm Gonna Be' by The proclaimers in his own unique style.I listened , lost in the beauty of his voice rising into the sky mingling with the stars above .He closed with 'Billie Jean' and 'Open Your Eyes'

Agatha Nowles

Performer 2 Agatha.jpg

 by Aqua Willowind


Agatha Nowles Martin , followed singing soft and low  'Ain't no Sunshine , When She's Gone' by Bill Withers, capturing the mood with her melodic voice. A few tears were shed in the audience.

This was followed by 'I had a Dream' and 'When you walk in the room I am So Into You '  a special song request made by Kissi for Dwermer  during Agatha's shows.


Agatha talked between tunes of the gentleness and kindness of Kissi , singing the songs that Kissi had dedicated  to Dwermer , her partner . Talking  of the love that shone  between them, she shared anecdotal conversations with Kissi .Talking of her humour  and love. Kissi inspired so many people with her love


Performer 3 Winter.jpg

 by Valana Spencer

Guests were slowly dancing; some sat in chairs while others just stood together in groups, quietly greeting or comforting one another as Agatha left the stage and Winter entered, strumming his guitar softly while thanking everyone responsible for putting the memorial service together.

He began by telling how he first met Kissi and how their friendship evolved.  Then, he spoke of Kissi's commitment to Together As One.  Dedicating his first song, "When Children Cry" (White Lion), reminiscent of her love for the children.  

Winter went on to tell several more stories about his time spent with Kissi.  Performing a song that Kissi requested at each show.  "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Aero Smith).  The next song was a dedication from Dwermer (Kissi's Partner) to Kissi, "Can't Help Falling In Love With You" (Elvis) left me in tears. 


The fourth and final song, one of Kissi's all-time favorites, was "The House of the Rising Sun."  
Winter's final words to Kissi were, "You'll always be loved, my dear friend."

Inkaku Capalini

Performer 4 Inkaku.jpg

 by Valana Spencer

Inkaku made her way onto the stage as guests were invited to participate in a beautiful balloon release ceremony.  Starting her tribute with a message, "Kissi, thank you for being who you were.  Always so fun, a true friend, to so many, definitely to me."  Followed by a heartfelt address to all of Kissi's friends and family.

Choosing songs that Inkaku knew Kissi loved, she began her beautiful musical tribute starting with "Heaven" (Bryan Adams), "Nobody Does It Better" (Carly Simon).  Followed by a song dedicated to the guests, "Smile" (Nat King Cole), "Lean on Me" (Bill Withers), and "Only Love" (Ben Howard).  

Inkaku spoke her final word to our dear friend, "Rest in peace, Dear Kissi."  Ending with a song that I am sure left no dry eye in the house, "Heaven Was Needing A Hero" (Jo Dee Messina).

Marqs DeSade

Performer 5 Marqs.jpg

 by Trishia OConnell


I had just begun to know Kissitulips and found her to be a very sweet person.  What I didn’t realize was from attending the memorial service how much she was loved and cherished by so many.   The comments in the chat were amazing, beautiful, and heartwarming.  

Marqs DeSade was part of the SL’s artists singing to honor such a great lady.  Marqs opened by vocalizing that the loss of Kissi had not really sunk in yet, but he was happy to be there to celebrate her memory and what she meant to him.   Apparently, Kissi would always request songs from Marqs and dedicate them to her beloved partner Dwermer.  His opening song “All of Me” by John Legend was one such song.  


Marqs reiterated how much Kissi loved Dwermer and how much Dwermer loved her and continued with her favorite songs: “Close My Eyes” a DeSade Original, “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals, “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica,  and “Knockin On Heaven’s Door” by Guns and Roses.  Marqs closed his set with “Hallelujah” by  Leonard Cohen which happened to be one of Kissi’s latest requests.  He performed it in A Capella, and I’m sure there was not a dry eye in the crowd.


In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. —ABRAHAM LINCOLN

Kissi had a life that counted, we will miss you.


Performer 6 Mavenn.jpg

 by Trishia OConnell


Mavenn, another amazing SL singer, brought her best to the stage to honor her dear friend Kissitulips.  


She told us how much she missed her personal friend and the work friend who advised her on shows.  Mavenn stated, ” We all grieve in our own ways and to take care of those that Kissi took care of.”  “For Our Angel,” Mavenn said and started singing “In the Arms of an Angel” by Sarah McLachlan.  


Following songs were “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne, and “Try” by Blue Rodeo. Mavenn said Kissi loved this song because she always encouraged everyone to try their best.  “Soulshine” by Allman Brothers preceded Mavenn’s final song “Amazing Grace”.   “Through many dangers, toils, and snares I have already come. This grace that brought me safe thus far and grace will lead me home”.  


With God’s grace, Kissi is home. 


Rest in peace Kissi...

BB Carmen.jpg
TFM team.jpg

Photography by BB Woodford

Farewell Dear Sister ...


No Words Needed ....

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