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Hey I'm Livie Simmons, Live Performer on Second Life, real life streamer and Social Media Creator.

I'm a Brazilian girl from Rio de Janeiro, and I always bring the spice of girls from Rio to my shows! I sing rock, pop, pop rock and Brazilian pop music. 

Art and music have always been part of my life. I always told my grandma that I wanted to be a singer, and I'm reaching that dream here!

The promise of Livie's shows is charisma, originality, beauty and A LOT of friendliness!!!


Famous songs, pop/rock n' roll versions and Brazilian pop music (especially from Rio de Janeiro, super danceable) The audience will have fun! I know how to keep the public excited and engaged (AND I LOVE DOING IT!)

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Livie Promo 01.png
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Vital Info:

Concert times:  Negotiable

Timezone:  Americas ​

Fee:  On Application

Second Life Contact:  Creatively Bazar


Genre:  Rock, Blues



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