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Mae's RL resume includes:

20+ Years of Playing Experience
Knowledge in over 13 different instruments
Associate degree of Fine Arts in Psychology with a minor in Music
Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Psychology with a minor in Music
1 Year of College Marching Band
3+ Years of Local Symphonic Bands in Georgia

At age 11, Mae was enrolled in Band and her talent took off like lightning she ended up being the first person to have two stars for flute tryouts, the first person to put her flute together, and the first person to learn all 12 scales and the minor scales.


She was given a piccolo around the age of 12 and quickly picked it up. To this day, Mae has learned over 13 instruments and absolutely loves them.

Her repertoire is all over the charts from oldies to pop hits.

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Mae with Flute - Love Garden.png
Freedom Rock Flute.png

Vital Info:

Concert times:  10 AM SLT - 7 PM SLT

Timezone:  Americas ​

Fee:  On Request

Second Life Contact:  averymae.amore


Genre:  Pop

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