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My friend Aley ! I love to hear her interpretation of Pharell's 'HAPPY' !!


Alsund, a pleasant surprise.
Funny, chatty, has a nice repertoire
and a great voice,

Aminius Writer

Aminius Writer
I met him the first time at the Lavender Field for Feed A Smile
and I have met him there many times again.
He's one of the regular performers for this amazing organization
and loved by many.
A wonderful performer and a very kind man !

Aqua Willowind

She's one of the friendliest venue-owners I know, a great collegue at TFM and I'm proud to call her a friend !

Miss Aqua Willowind

Bart Hoorenbeek

Bart Hoorenbeek, the man with the smooth voice and great guitar-sounds.
Knowing he lives near me I sometimes imagine he is singing just for me !

Beebs Woodford

I'm a big fan and promotor of live music in sl,
I have been in the best venues, seeing the very best performers.
I have learned a lot, good and not so good about people
and I'm tired. I need a break ...

See you soon, somewhere !

Chicago Bluesman

An amazing musician, this man.
Refreshing between all those vocal performers,
when Chicago Bluesman climbs the stage the PARTY begins !

Fly and Luciano

A few weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised by this concert of Fly and Luciano !
Hoping for MORE !!

Hedy Patrucci

One of my oldest friends in SL:
Hedy Patrucci ... she's back !
So so happy to hear her voice again,
singing all the songs I love.

Holly Giles

Holly Giles, an amazing performer ánd a great friend


JPe,abody is an amazing singer. He uses his music, his songs, to tell stories.

Jack Dryden

Jack Dryden with his 'bit of everything' but I LOVE his country tunes !

And Mei, his pianist and lovely partner.


Jak, a new name on my FabFriday-list. A charming man, a good looking avatar, a great voice and a talented musician. Jak, this was my first visit during your show but I'll be back !

Janice Mills

Janice Mills performed at Juva,
a lovely lady with a wonderful voice
in a magical setting.


Jeffah, one of my favorite performers, love to dance at his shows

JimmyT49 Dukes

Visiting Love Spell's opening I was pleased to hear JimmyT once more !

Joao Frazao

An old friend invited me to a show by JOAO FRAZAO,

I can't say I heard him before but a pleasant first time !
He performs since 2008 ... why didn't I hear him before ??

Joe Paravane

Not a new voice in Second Life but new to me, and believe me,
he's on my 'go hear him more often' list now !

Katia and EvAngelina

Katia Portugal and EvAngelina Swordthain,
Katia is always good for a party, EvA has the best dances in the world !

Kurt Calamity

Anybody who drags a piano to the beach deserves a stage !

Kurt has a pleasant voice to listen to so I plan to go hear him more often for sure !!

Lexus Melodie

Always a pleasure to hear Lexus Melodie !

Lyric Serendipity

She's BACK ! Lyric Serendipity !!
And I love to hear her singing again,
this passionate performer with her specific voice.
Happy !

Marqs DeSade

A while ago I did a photoshoot with Marqs DeSade for an interview and I got caught (again) by his voice. A gentle man, a voice that warms your heart, singing covers and own songs. And his outfits ? Hmmmmm let me think about them ... appropriate to the place where he performs !
I like your style mr. DeSade *winks*

MichaelJ Rossini

Toggle For Music's founder,
friend to many (to me too !)
and always working to promote live music in SL.
Also close to Feed A Smile, and we love him for that !!
Thank you Michael, for all you do and are ♥

Noma Falta

Noma Falta, what can I say about this lady ...
A very own style of making music, and I love it.
A very nice woman,
with her own humor and always ready for a good laugh.
I like her :-)

Phil Setner

Phil Setner. A kind, gentle man with a wonderful voice and a great repertoire.

Ricky Capone

This handsome young man is Ricky Capone,
I 'found' him after I visited another show
and was surprised by this man.
From his profile: Professional singer,
producer and songwriter. Pianist and guitar player.

Rogue Galaxy

A while ago I heard her for the very first time,

a marvellous voice and a good sense of humour !

Miss Rogue Galaxy !


Sarita, a girl I will follow !

Shaye Dezno-Jonstone

Shaye Dezno-Jonstone,
the lady with the best I-should-get-some-sleep-but-I-don't-want-to-go voice !


Tay, with her warm voice and lovely repertoire a real surprise !

Tez Locke

Tez Locke. I saw his name many times and never had time to be at one of his shows.
Today I just MADE time. A refreshing show, I must say. And I might make more time *winks*

Thera D

A fellow dutchie that I met a while ago,
good voice, great appearance and personality.
And then she disappeared ...
So glad to see she's back !

Tillen Avers

Amazing Tillen,
Her voice, her performance, her appearance - what a power-woman !


Vanellope, exotic, energetic and usually performing too early or too late for me but I caught her today

Velvet Rose

Miss Velvet Rose, a colorful and vivid lady with a great voice.


The bear and his Man
Baloo and it's WINTERRRRRRR !

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