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Aaron Cabott Jones @ LoveKats

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

This evening I am going to hear Aaron Cabott Jones at LoveKats! I have been to Aaron's dynamic and high-energy shows many times because he never disappoints.

Aaron Cabott Jones and his voice are both rare indeed. Aaron's voice has a fantastic range and "personality" to it. He sounds just at home singing a hard-rocking Stones song as he does a bluesy Stevie Ray Vaughn song or a song from Motown.

I was very fortunate to attend a show of Aaron's during which he sang 60's Rat Pack style songs along with some Broadway songs! Aaron is a real-world singer/songwriter/guitarist whose debut solo album American Jesus, released in 2019, was mastered by the world-famous Abby Road Studios. He began singing in SL in November 2018 and most probably here at Love Kats. He and I believe I had the privilege to attend his first show. So it seemed fitting that I would start my SL blogging career with Aaron performing here at LoveKats.

LoveKats is the brainchild of Kat Chauveau, which started as a DJ club in 2010 but has been a live performance venue for the last seven years. Kat Chauveau wanted to have all live music lovers in SL do so that LoveKats has performers from different genres providing live music for all fans to enjoy. For eleven years, Kat Chauveau has continued to be an active member of SL and its Live Music/Performing community.

Kat Chauveau told me LoveKats is an ongoing labor of love evident as soon as I landed by her attention to detail. It is just like going to a real-world show, where you are guided into the stage and dance floor area by border ropes. Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed to LoveKats by Jolie Serendipity, LoveKats Host, and Kat.

I found a center stage position near the back, so I could see all that would happen during Aaron's show. More fans were arriving as my excitement grew for his show to begin. Once Aaron was in the house, there were many hellos for him. One of the things that I have always liked about Aaron is his rapport with his audience. So, in proper form, Aaron made sure to say hello to all there by name and any newcomers.

Once on stage, you can hear the joy in Aaron's smooth bluesy voice as he welcomes all to the show. Aaron starts solid and hard by rockin' us with three Rolling Stones songs in a row ~ Street Fighting Man, 19th Nervous Breakdown, and Jumpin' Jack Flash. Then, keeping in the same time frame, he sings Get Back by the Beatles. Next, jump forward a decade with Aaron now singing Talking Heads, Take Me To The River.

He sings these songs as if they are bullets from a rapid-fire gun! The audience's positive responses are apparent by their thunderous applause! The songs he is opening with have proved again the high energy that Aaron brings to his shows. He grabs you right from the beginning with his first song, then holds you enthralled and wanting more until after the last one!

Aaron is one of those live performers that does read local chat while he is performing. He doesn't miss much either. A fact that amazes me, to sing, play an instrument, and read local chat ~ how they can do this is beyond me. Aaron loves to joke with venue owners and staff, and his audience whenever possible. Often he is heard chuckling if not outright laughing while making his comments about what he has read, which makes for more local chatting even once he has gone on to sing the next song.

Aaron's following five songs are all the audience's requests, ending with more cheers and rounds of applause. Chris Stapleton's Arkansas, David Bowie's Hot Stuff, Tom Petty's Don't Do Me Like That, Steely Dan's Rikki Don't Lose That Number, Lynyrd Skynyrd's Simple Man.

Next up, Aaron sings Cream's Strange Brew, followed by another Tom Petty song, Mary Janes Last Dance. Then he sings one of the audience's favorites and mine also, his original American Jesus. This song, American Jesus, is always met with hoots and hollers then thunderous applause showing everyone's approval.

Earlier I spoke about how much Aaron enjoys his audience and his comments and little jokes about what he has read in local chat. Well, what he does next shows us Aaron's personality shining bright! I assume Aaron had read something in local, which brought about what we hear next.

It has become a tradition while performing here at LovKat's that he sings while bringing smiles and laughter, all in good jest, a little impromptu song about Jolie, the venue host, and her shoes ~ Buying shoes, the new shoes she is wearing, or the lack of shoes, etc. We women certainly do love our shoes in all worlds! He also always includes Kat Chauveau and how she does this because of her love of live music in SL. Aaron finishes by performing The Doors, LA Woman.

The experience of coming to LoveKats on any Friday evening and hearing Aaron Cabott Jones perform will kick off your weekend with the force of a hurricane ~ With tons of live music, singing, laughter, dancing, and friends old and new!


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