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Acoustic Rhapsody @ The Cavern Club 20/4/2021

So, the boss was not online tonight when I was writing this blog, so I do not know if it is kosher to write a blog on your own club. Maybe I will write it and put Michael's name on it, yeah that is the ticket! lol No no no that would not be prudent!

I have had my club the Cavern Club for almost ten years now in second life. Mainly I was inspired by my friend Seamore Guy who used to sing in second life and at my club to build the Cavern. I also was familiar with the Cavern because it is a real-life club in Liverpool, and I have real life friends who live there. It is the first club the Beatles ever performed in. Seamore was also born in Liverpool so he gave me some ideas on how to build the Cavern. I try to be very friendly to everyone who comes to the club and I am always so happy to see all the different people that come for a visit!

Tonight, Acoustic Rhapsody aka Vinnie did his one-hour Beatles show which is exclusive to the Cavern Club. I feel it is one of the best hours of entertainment in second life. Vinnie grew up a Beatles fan and he has a great passion for their music. Vinnie truly is the best Beatles singer in sl, you really need to see this show!

He plays a wide variety of Beatles songs, I cannot begin to name all the Beatle’s songs he sang tonight but a few come to mind like "Lovely Rita", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Blackbird". Vinnie really takes you back into a time when the Beatles were very famous in their early years. Vinnie also sings songs of the individual Beatles after they had broken up as a band.

Vinnie plays the guitar when he performs and tonight, he gave us a taste of some more of his musical talent, he played the piano for us as he sang his last song. Vinnie sings his one-hour Beatles show the first Tuesday of every month at the Cavern with hopes that we can expand that to another night soon.

Because of the generosity of my friends Andy and Ro Harcassle I recently relocated the Cavern Club to Harcassle Island. Thank you, Andy, and Ro! I big thank you to Daallee who is Vinnie's partner and manager, she is always a welcoming figure to all of Vinnie's shows!

This hour of Vinnie singing the Beatles is really show you must see!

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