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Acoustic Rhapsody @ Vinnie's Honky Tonk

So, I was on my Second Life Facebook account and a notice for Acoustic Rhapsody pops up!

This is perfect for my first blog for Toggle for Music so let us go!

What? Where am I? The Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Hmmmmm no it is Vinnie's Honky Tonk, and I am here to see Acoustic Rhapsody better known as Vinnie.

Let us see if Vinnie lives up to the fame of that star!

Vinnie is no stranger to me having known him for years and followed him around the grid and even to Sansar when he performed there.

When I land at the venue Daallee, his manager and partner give me a warm hello. You will always encounter a warm reception at a Vinnie show.

The atmosphere here is very relaxed. A come as you are venue. Vinnie has a great crowd going, seems he always does.

He starts out with a John Mayer song - Heartbreak Warfare, beautiful song that Vinnie nails!

Vinnie noticed me in the audience and referenced that like him I am from Ohio. That led him into his next song By Michael Stanley. Michael Stanley was a big rocker in the Cleveland, Ohio area that died the other day and had a major influence on him like many singers and musicians from Ohio. He sang the song Lover, a popular Stanley song. Then on to a Billy Joel song, Moving Out. You cannot miss with that song!

Next Vinnie decided to tell a few jokes, one about his harmonica playing. Vinnie thinks he is bad at playing the harmonica, but he is very good at it!

It is always a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere at Vinnie's shows as people continue to pop into the venue.

At half time Vinnie asks everyone to donate money to Feed a Smile instead of his venue, how nice is that. If you love a great singer who plays acoustic guitar and plays the harmonica you will love Vinnie.

He also has many original songs he writes and sings. One of Vinnie’s musical passions is The Beatles. He does the best one-hour Beatles show in Second Life.

On to the next song was Alone again Naturally by Gilbert O Sullivan. This was very touching when he sang this. Knowing Vinnie, I know why he sang this song.

He just lost his father and Vinnie is the type of singer that you can feel him through the songs he sings.

He closed out his show with Taxi by Harry Chapin, one of my favorites!

Vinnie is a fast-thinking singer who frequently likes to replace the words of songs to personalize them more...what a nice touch! He also is a very successful drummer in real life

with a great band!

What a great show!

Vinnie you deserve more than that star on the Walk of Fame!

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