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Agatha Nowles Anatine @ Cornflower Lounge 16/03/21

When I was asked to blog for this fairly new SL Music Scene website I admit I was a little hesitant .. but then I thought it could be a fun way to share what the SL music scene & music in general, means to me. And who knows .. maybe some people would benefit and get some enjoyment from it :)

So I wanted to start off with someone I know and love .. and while most who know me would think that'd be Erik, I didn't want to be so predictable lol

So today I went to listen to a wonderful friend of mine at a welcoming smaller venue, with a great atmosphere - Agatha Nowles Anatine at the Blue Cornflower Lounge.

Now anyone who knows Agatha knows that she has a wonderful sense of humour & a special way of including the crowd in her performance. Her mix of talent and personality is what makes her shows so special and out-right fun! She brings a positive vibe with her and I'm not sure it's possible to go to her show feeling a little down and not leave smiling and feeling lifted. Her songlist is overflowing with great tunes from an array of great artists .. anything from The Beatles to Kiss, Nora Joans to INXS & of course I can't not mention some Bowie too ;) in fact we are spoiled for choice.

True to form she started with some oldies like "Magic" from Xanadu, went to some latin so we could all shake our groove thangs & ended with some fun by "Strokin It" as only Agatha could .. and does ;) And the show would not be the same without mentioning her loyal stage partner in crime - Camp, who brought a whole a new meaning to watching an elephant swing his trunk! lol

The Blue Cornflower Lounge may be a smaller venue than a lot of the more well known ones around the grid, but it's a very welcoming venue with owners Karan & Crow, who love to be involved in the show & share their fun with the crowd. There's still plenty of room for everyone to dance & it's size helps to bring the crowd together for a fun night. Agatha sings here regularly & you really should check it out, it really is a fun show in a great venue.

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