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Agatha Nowles @ The Blues Cove - 19/01/2022

Given my crazy RL schedule as of late, I seldom find the chance to catch an evening show midweek. Just happens I found some free time last eve & seen Agatha was going to be performing at The Blues Cove.

The Blues Cove recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary. Aqua Willowind, being

the owner, takes great care to bring you some of the most sought after performers in live music. Always a friendly atmosphere & you're sure to run into a friend...or two.

Upon arriving, I noticed the place had been decorated in celebration of one of The Blues Coves hostess' Karrie, known fondly as BoomBoom.

The place is full of fellow patrons/friends enjoying the festivies underway.

Within moments, Agatha arrives and my screen fills with local chat with e'ryone exchanging a hello & a hug. As Agatha takes the stage, there's no question that she enjoys performing for the crowd. Singing songs of past & current hits in English, Portugese & Spanish, you're bound to find a few of your faves among her songlist.

Agatha brings some sass & a whole lot of fun to the stage. Always addressing the crowd with her playful banter & sharing of stories of her RL , that by the time the show has ended, you leave feeling you've gotten to know the lady behind the virtual veil.

Her set list included:

Kool and The Gang - Celebration

Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl

Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love

and a definite crowd pleaser - Gloria Estefan - Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

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