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AleyKat Live @ JuVa

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Wednesday, October 28th

Napoleon and Dixie bounded ahead of me on the wooded, leaf-covered trail while taking our morning walk through the woods, on my property, in Vile Chapel. As we reached the end of the trail, entering the clearing behind the house, my fainting goats, Marley and Millie, greeted us. Of course, Marley, in his excitement, faints at my feet. We all stop walking and watch while waiting for him to recover. Napoleon, all concerned, turns back and gives him a sniff to see if he is okay. The little white goat was back on his feet in less than a minute, as if nothing had happened, and we continued our walk to the house.

At the bottom of the balcony stairs, I squat down to pet and hug the goats. Fifty Pound, Dixie being the jealous little fur baby she is, attempted to push Millie out of the way by jumping into the group hug. Of course, this threw me off balance, forcing me to fall backward, on my rear, with a thud. Laughing, I finally manage to free myself from the bottom of the pet pile and stand up. Brushing the leaves and grass off of my shorts, I call for Dixie and Napoleon to follow me as I climb the stairs to the house.

Finally, back in the kitchen, I took bottled water from the fridge, turned on my heels, and walked towards the island to get dog treats from the cookie jar, where the dogs were already sitting down, staring at the jar, waiting patiently to get one. I take the lid off the pot with my free hand and reach inside to get the treats. Then, turning around, I lean back on the counter and toss one to each of them. But, before I can get the lid twisted off of my water, the treats are gone. I shake my head as I watch them gobble up up their prizes and think to myself, "They didn't even chew." The grandfather clock in the front hallway started striking ten as I took the last swallow of my water. Today will be a busy day, my sister, Elle, and I have several Halloween events to attend, and I need to be at JuVa to blog AleyKat at one o'clock. So, throwing the bottle into the recycle can, I head upstairs to the shower.

Not being a big costume fan and lacking time to shop for one, I dressed in one of my new "little black dresses," fishnet stockings, and my favorite thigh-high leather boots. However, Elle, who loves dressing up in costumes, wore a cute pumpkin or witch outfit, maybe both. Honestly, I can't remember she changed several times throughout the day! We took the limo and grid hopped from event to event. Finally, we ended up at Glow, where my sister and co-blogger, Kissi, was working. We listened to a couple of great sets, talked with Tillen, and got to meet Kissi's guy. At twelve forty-five, we headed to the region of Jurasic Park.

The limo dropped Elle and me at the theJuVa stage entrance. The whole area was bustling with activity as another show was in progress. The dance floor area was decorated with incredible Halloween decorations, falling leaves, dead trees with crows sitting on the limbs, and more crows flying overhead along with ghosts and other ghoulish-looking things. The stage looked amazing too. An outdoor theme, with deep green grass, rocks, dead trees, rolling hills, and bats flying against a full red moon, the scene finished off with dense fog.

JuVa co-owner, the beautiful and elegant Ms. Louisa Camino, was in the area overseeing the show and taking care of her guests. I messaged her right away to let her know that I intended to blog Aley and discuss other TFM business. She responded immediately, in a warm and friendly manner.

Dressed as a rather menacing-looking scarecrow/zombie, AleyKat went on stage at one o'clock. She performed various songs from her extensive song list along with a few that were not on the list. With her strong, clear, and melodious voice, she started with: "Wrapped Around Your Finger" by The Police; "Umbrella" by Rihanna; "Love Again" Dua Lipa Showtune; "Dancing On Your Own" by Wahlstedt; "Senorita" by Shawn Mendes; "Mama Said, Mama Said" by The Shirelles and "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen.

For the Halloween season, she sang "Monster Mash" by Bobby Pickett, and from my favorite Halloween movie, the show tune, Hocus Pocus, "Put A Spell On You," sung by Bette Midler. Then, she moved on with "Spooky" by Dusty Springfield. Next, during "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, AleyKat's manager, Olivia, passed out the dance to everyone. Finally, finishing with "This Is Halloween" from Nightmare Before Christmas, by Danny Elfman.

Thank you too, AleyKat, her fantastic manager, Olivia, and the Junity Entertainment staff for bringing us the gift of song. I would also like to give a special thank you to Louisa Camino for her hard work and ongoing dedication to support live music here in our Second Life.

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