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Amberle Janniah @ Cafe Musique 22/4/2021

The very first "Live" event that I was able to attend today was Amberle Janniah at Cafe Musique at 5 am, I am not normally a morning person so I will get my expresso and head on over.

Cafe Musique, I have spent many hours there over the years. It is a nice outside venue on the beach that has been around about 6 years now. I have been coming here on and off for that long. Seems like they have been here longer. I have seen some of the best acts in here early in the morning.

I arrived and right now the hostess is Tora and I just love it when a hostess is so friendly you think you know them! Even when I crashed Tora was there to reel me back into the groove by welcoming me once again! It is a very relaxed atmosphere there with casual attire, anything from a bathing suit to a casual outfit.

So, I start to focus on Amberle as she is singing. I like to listen to the first couple songs when

writing a music blog to get a general feel of the singer. Let me just repeat her name again for you, Amberle Janniah, do not forget that name because she is so very talented, refreshing, and personable. She interacts with her audience very well which for me is very important. It is essential to help a singer build a good following and sets their foundation for a successful run in second life.

She plays the acoustic guitar as she sings her songs which I love to hear. I love all her songs so far, but I have to say I am rather partial to the song Zombie by the Cranberries that she sang. This song is not easy to sing but with someone with experience like Amberle obviously she performs it perfectly. She sang that song like nobody's business. I have not heard Zombie sung that well in second life for almost ten years. There is a great history behind that song check it out sometime.

Amberle sings just about all my favorite songs! "Don't Speak" by No Doubt another great song.

Amberle was born and raised inside a musically oriented family. From what I understand she was involved in choir and musical theater at a young age taking up the guitar during college.

All that experience shines through throughout her hour-long performance.

Just when you think about how talented she is playing the guitar there she goes over

to play the piano! Where is there a talent scout when you need one! I have seen and managed many singers in second life, and I have always thought there is so much undiscovered talent in here, yet another one Amberle.

She went on to then sing 3 original songs. As she explained the last one was

about a love triangle, the song is called Stain. I loved all those songs! Sometimes when I attend a music event in second life it is sad when it must end such as it was when Amberle's show was over. Just catch up with her next show so you can see exactly what I am talking about.

Thanks, Amberle for being so kind, and Tora you keep on welcoming those guests like you do at Cafe Musique.

Carmen...Let the music speak!

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