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Amforte Clarity @ The House of V

I was asked to write about Amforte Clarity. I knew Amforte well, having had her perform at my place and supported her shows in other times, I already knew she had an amazing voice. Since then Amforte has done so much, especially so, outside of Second Life

Canadian-born AMFORTE has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film at the University of North Carolina. She has produced, directed, and edited a couple of short films and has also written 2 screenplays.

I went to the venue as directed on the music events calendar and landed in a scenic spot with a pretty Deck on the open water with multiple seats on the sloping hillside. I looked around and wondered why no one was there until I spotted the Big landmark pin giving a different venue, I grabbed the landmark quickly as time was running out before showtime. This took me to The House of V, a very adult venue. The Venue was already filling fast, so it took me a few moments to settle in and get the chance to look around

The Venue is situated in a huge warehouse with two levels and lots of intimate sections with couches for a cuddle or more with your special person. Outside is a collection of small stores selling a variety of items for your pleasure

Amforte was already into her first song, one I didn't recognize. The reason became clear as Amforte sang one song after another playing the piano. Amforte was singing songs from her newly released album 'End of Story' - side A. She is now working on side B. Her album can be found on several well-known international music websites. This amazing little lady has achieved so much and worked so hard to make her mark in the music world, and with huge success.

Amforte has a haunting, catchy, pitch-perfect voice. A voice that will linger in your mind for a long time after the last guest has gone home and the club closes its doors. Amforte doesn't use backing tracks, for today's show, her instrument of choice was the piano, other times she will play guitar. Amforte chatted to her guests in between songs, giving her show an intimate feel, a connection with her guests.

In writing this blog, I revisited Amforte's voice, listening to extracts of songs from her album, She has the unique talent of relaying deeply personal experiences creating a bond between you, as a listener, and herself as the musician. This is the magic of Amforte

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