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Aminius Writer @ The Night Owl 2/5/21

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

A few days ago I noticed a guy with a guitar in the audience, Aminius Writer, a name that I had read before but never saw on stage. Being naturally curious, I checked his profile and found a link to YouTube. I was amazed at what I saw and heard and it was clear to me that I had found something very special. Of course, I spoke to him immediately and was pleasantly surprised that he was one of the few German artists in SL and also a very friendly and down-to-earth guy, well that could also have something to do with his origins;) Now on Sunday evening I was very expectant in The Night Owl, where his show was supposed to start. The Night Owl is a beautiful venue in the Asian style and with a view of the sea, which I have visited countless times, where you are always warmly welcomed, whose artists are among the best in SL, who also like to offer a stage to new talent and above all things that hold a very special, beautiful and personal memory for me. It was the first time I'd decided to blog about someone I'd never seen live before, but my gut feeling was so good that I was sure I wouldn't regret it. He started with the songs of Ryan Adams with Come Pick Me Up and The Devlins-Waiting from this point on the last doubt in me disappeared and when he sang Damien Rice-The Blowers’s Daughter, I was completely gripped. Then the songs followed from U2 - With Or Without You, Chris Isaaks Wicked Game, Just the two of us - Bill Withers, Radiohead - Creep, James Morrison - You Give Me Something, Babe by Take That, Incubus - Drive, Sting - Fields Of Gold, Coldplay - Yellow. His song choice isn't the easiest for a musician, but it couldn't be better to make me a fan. He interpreted every song in a dreamlike and in his very own way, which makes it difficult for me to say which one was the best. His voice has so many facets, it is so pure, slightly rough, strong, passionate and uniquely soulful, as you rarely find it and just as I love it. The dedication to what he does can be felt in each of his tones and the sound of his acoustic guitar is so clear and harmonizes perfectly with it. The concert was pure pleasure and not only entertained me but also touched me and that's how music should be! My absolute recommendation to everyone, go to one of his concerts! **translated from German**

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