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Angelikus Deo and Bsukmet Stormcrow Live @ The Grand Opening of Klub Republika

November 28, 2021

I was at home busily decorating for Christmas with my sister Elle when my cell phone came to life with a text message announcing the Grand opening of a new club. "We are inviting everyone to the Grand Opening of Klub Republika, owned by two really good friends, Angelikus Deo and Candee Caine. We aim to provide quality entertainment for all and a cool place to hang and chill with friends and family." Angel is my dear friend and soul sister. I could not miss her big day. Unfortunately, there was no time to change without being late, so Elle and I took the limo uptown.

The party at Klub Republika, located on the rooftop of the Hotel Impala in the region of Calabria, was already in full swing when we arrived a little after 7 am. The beautiful and energetic Angelikus was on stage. The club was full of guests, including many talented live singers showing their support.

The crowd was friendly and excited, and there were lots of hugs and greetings going around the room. Angel sang and addressed the audience with her usual humor and enthusiasm, performing songs that she picked from her diverse song list and requests from the audience, including my request "Heart of Glass" by Blondie. Leaving the stage with her anthem song "Ready To Go" by Republica.

Best Wishes and good luck to Angelikus (R) and Candee Caine (L) on the new business venture; Klub Republika looks fantastic!

Bsukmet Stormcrow

From Spain, Bsukmet Stormcrow entered the stage at 8 am SLT. Bsukemet began his music training at six years old, becoming a classical concert pianist. Later he joined a gothic pop-rock band called, Evil Thoughts, where he played keyboards and served as the lead songwriter.

Eventually, Bsukamet joined Second Life and began a career as a DJ, which he successfully did until 2019, when he left the DJ world behind to become a live entertainer and share his own highly eclectic - rock/techno sound with us.

Bsukmet's set consisted of three cover songs: "Cerebron" (Sonic Mayhem cover); "Machine In The Walls" (Mudeth cover); and "Oppression" (Paris Obscur cover). The remainder of the set consisted of his exclusively written work. "Ex Umbra In Solem"; One Looking Glass Away: The Other Side"; "Sekhmet Immortal"; "Deflector"; "Vega." My personal favorite "Seven Minutes." Followed by "Mogul,"; "No, It Won't,"; "Until We Stop Bleeding,"; "Anima Spietata; and "The Enthusiast's Tale."

Each composition was a unique piece of work and beautifully performed. Thank you, Bsukmet, for sharing your outstanding talent and first-class music with us.

To find out more information about Angelikus and Bsukmet's work or Klub Republika, please check out Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

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