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Anlaik @ Sapphire Beach Club 06/06/21

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

As always, the weekend was far too short, but on Sunday evening I had something very special in mind. I wanted to go to the concert of the rock musician Anlaik. The venue was the Sapphire Beach Club, which I had visited so often and which I consider to be one of the most beautiful clubs in all of SL. This is the right place to experience great live music in a wonderful ambience and an exceptionally friendly team. It is not for nothing that the Sapphire Beach Club was presented to us as the venue of the month of June, including interviews with the owner. Anlaik is a young musician from Croatia who works as a studio musician in RL and has already produced his own songs. He plays and sings Heavy Rock Covers completely live and that evening showed not only very well-known songs but also some that do not correspond to the mainstream and that is sensationally good! He started his program with the classic I wanna be sedated by the Ramones, the pop punk song In too deep by Sum 41 and The middle by Jimmy eat world and with these songs initially brought his audience up to operating temperature. With the latter song in particular, he showed his incredible talent on the electric guitar, which was very impressive! With the songs Learn to fly by the Foo fighters and Paranoid by Black sabbath he grabbed the audience completely and with his guitar solo he literally blew his talent over our ears. Other songs that evening were Hedonism by Skunk anansie, an original song by his former band AnLaik & Sunshine madness - How soon is now, which I heard for the first time and which I really liked, Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit, The Pixies - Where is my mind. With the titles of John Mayers - Slow dancing in a burning room and Radioheads - Creep, he could also prove his soulful side, with which he probably not only touched the women present. He ended his great concert with ZZ top - Sharp dressed man and von Blink 182 - All the small things. My conclusion after this wonderful evening, Anlaik is pure rock, he has extreme energy and an ingenious rock voice that makes these powerful songs shine. His playing skills on the guitar are breathtaking and this combination and the fact that he performs all of this live is one of the musical experiences in SL that I don't want to miss anymore. If you like rock you should definitely see Anlaik Live! ** translated from German **

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