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Aubryn @ The Blarney Stone 1/5/21

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

On Sunday morning I stopped by one of my favorite pubs, The Blarney Stone. A typical Irish pub with everything you would expect from a pub, a huge wooden counter, good beer and a wonderful live program. Most of the artists who perform here don't follow the mainstream and that is what makes Blarney so special. It's always good for a surprise! The Aubryn concert was on the program there. Aubryn is a singer / songwriter based out of Nashville. The professional artist studied drama and music and has already released an album and won various prizes. In addition to her SL shows, she also gives weekly web concerts. When I entered the Blarney Stone, it was already quite full and I looked for a free place at the counter and a clear view of the stage. Aubryn was already there and started her concert with no less a title than Adele's song, Someone like you. Now you have to know that Aubryn doesn't just stand up with her guitar, look nice and create a cover with her voice, (which I think is one of the best SL singers I know) interpreted as beautifully as possible, no, she improvises, creates and conjures up a completely new musical experience. She very often uses her looper and adds a sound live in front of the audience, which she gradually produces with everyday objects, other musical instruments, or simple knocking. Thus, a title can reach three times the length but it is a very interesting, inspiring experience and the result is simply unique and fantastic. The next song that morning was, Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, in which she got so involved towards the end that it reminded me very strongly of the famous scene of Harry and Sally in Katz's Delis and that made her act with her Ability, besides the musical course, to impress the audience and me very much. The following titles were Natalie Imbruglia - Torn, Ellie Goulding - Lights and Evanescence - Going under. Great songs all and wonderfully performed by Aubryn. She is an exceptionally creative, self-confident and talented musician who is also blessed with a wonderful, grandiose and strong voice. With her humor and her open nature, her way of making music, she made me a fan and proved again how many fantastic and unique musicians can be found on the SL stages. You just have to experience Aubryn and that's why I recommend you attend one of their next concerts! **translated from German**

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