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Aufwie @ Terry’s Place 14/6/21

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Sunday evening @ Terry’s Place, as always I am warmly welcomed by Ninja, the owner and you feel right at home with so much sparkling warmth and the wonderful natural ambience of this venue. I've already experienced some remarkable concerts there and that evening there was another one on the program: Aufwie!

Aufwie is a young RL indie musician / songwriter / vocalist / multi-instrumentalist and producer from Sheffield, UK and now living in Argentina. As he said, due to the general bad situation for all musicians due to COVID, he began to perform in SL last year after he was already in SL since 10 years. 

I think it was a very good decision, because he is an insider tip and is being traded as the new shooting star of the SL music scene and anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing him live can confirm that completely. 
I would describe his style as Indierock, Britpop and alternative Rock.

He is an absolute eye-catcher when you see him sitting on stage like that. The first thought you have is that something dark and weird is coming your way and that proves once again that you should never start from the outside! Because very quickly it turned out that there was simply a very friendly, sensitive and humorous young man with his guitar who wanted to share his love for music with us.

His repertoire on Sunday evening were the following songs:
Suck it and see - Arctic Monkeys
Best friend - Rex Orange County
I am the Walrus - The Beatles
Californication - RHCP
Obligate - Original
Lemon Boy - Cavetown
Creep - Radiohead
Seaside - The Kooks
Still beating - Mac Demarco
Take on me - A-Ha, (I liked his version a lot better than the original)
Where is my Mind - The Pixies

Some of the covers that he presented to us I didn't even know and others I knew very well, but I got to know them in a new way. The songs were so suitable for him. He has a wonderful bitter-sweet attitude in the songs and you can feel that he internalizes them and that he sings them from his heart and soul.

His voice is wonderfully fresh, mellow, gentle and very multifaceted. He can reach and hold extreme heights, which really leaves you speechless.

It was a terrific show by a very talented young man who we hope to hear more from. I wish him the best and look forward to his next concert, because I had a very nice evening that I will remember for a long time.

See for yourself at one of his next concerts!

**translated from German**

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