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Austin Moores & special guest Eva Fae perform at Fashion Fair

I'm so glad I was there for this unscheduled concert! Austin was there with Sandy (one of his dancing "Angels") to enjoy the show by singer Eva Fae. The next scheduled performer did not show up, so Austin agreed to fill in! I had wanted to record him so fired up the camera and got rolling.

After a few songs, he called Eva Fae back up on stage, and they sang some duets! They complement each other really well.

Fashion Fair is an annual 10-day event sponsored by the Seekers of Hope team of Relay For Life, the huge worldwide event benefitting the American Cancer Society. There will be HUNDREDS of concerts all over the grid over the next 4 months! Keep your ears open!

(The huge SL LIVING EXPO starts Friday March 3. Here's the calendar.

So here we go! Two songs by Austin, and a couple more with the two of them. Enjoy!

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