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Billy Talon @ The Night Owl

I'm always happy to be a guest at The Night Owl. Not only does this enchanting venue provide a wonderful stage for many of SL's best-known musicians, it also consistently offers emerging and exceptional talent the opportunity to showcase their music, which supports live music in SL and also opens up opportunities for diversity. I always feel very comfortable and at home when I visit there, which is certainly due to the gracious welcome from the owner sweetpea and the manager Virgile and the concept of keeping things that are good and tried and tested. So you don't have to reorient yourself with every visit because everything is in its familiar place and that gives me a comfortable feeling.

Today I came with a very clear goal, I finally wanted to experience the well-known Billy Talon live. I've heard so many good things about him and now I wanted to see for myself.

Billy was live streaming this show on Facebook that day which I think is a wonderful idea to get a deeper insight into the artist's work and bring it closer to viewers. He also used some sort of word recognition to display the lyric and the spoken text at the same time, which I find very exciting and helpful.

Some of his songs that day were:
Josh Turner - Why Don't We Just Dance,
Alan Jackson - Good time,
Tim McGraw - Live Like You Were Dying,
Johnny Cash - Cocaine Blues,
Tracy Byrd - I'm From The Country,
John Michael Montgomery - I Love The Way You Love Me,
Eric Church - Love Your Love The Most,
Midland - Cheatin' By The Rules,
Brooks & Dunn - Boot Scootin' Boogie,
Josh Turner - I Wouldn't Be A Man,
Stevie Ray Vaughan- Pride And Joy.

Right away with his first song "Why don't we just dance", which even I, as a beginner in the country music scene, knew, Billy cast a spell over me. His feeling, his energy and the timbre of his voice captivated me immediately.

This sympathetic and down-to-earth Billy sings his songs without any effort, but is still able to give his listeners the right country feeling. Completely authentic and believable, he sings the wonderful songs about the wild and not so wild west, about freedom in the country, about love and about everyday life.

I was fascinated by how much emotion he poured into his wonderful, dark and sexy voice, especially in the quieter love songs, and was thus able not only to tempt his female fans to dream, but also with his powerful voice and his ability to carry the audience away with the more powerful songs, to give them a good and exuberant time and to spend an unforgettable evening with good music in a very pleasant atmosphere.

With the last song he was able to show another side of himself, which suits him very well. With Pride and Joy he finished his terrific program and did something I've never seen before, he said goodbye to every single guest by going straight to them and making them feel like they were singing just for them. An expression of gratitude to his audience, which reflects the nature of this man. Many thanks for this gesture.

I'm already looking forward to Billy Talon's next show and can only recommend everyone to see him live!

**translated from German**

Taila Saenz

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