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Bo W Shim @ The Blues Cove 8/6/21

Bo W was singing at The Blues Cove , the club where he had his very first show in second life four years ago. Since then he has gained a loyal following and with the help of his very close friend Ruby , Coyote and Adele, he has a great supporting Band called The Country Bandits . Bo W kicked of his show singing an old Johnny Cash , 'Folsom Prison Blues' followed by another classic Jim Reeves 'He'll have to Go' . Bo W will be the first to tell you , he's a country boy , not a cowboy and his songs reflect this . He sings from the heart with raw emotion in his voice, he is right in there with the songs he is singing. .. Next was Sawyer Brown's ' Six Days on the Road' ' and Don Williams 'Your my best friend ' followed by another moving number ' Til Each Tear You Cy Becomes a Rose. Then he took it up a bit , singing a Bluesy tune Muddy Waters ' Got My Mojo Working ' and James Taylor's Steamroller Blues' .

Bo W is a true entertainer , getting off the stage, walking around and engaging in non stop banter with the audience and the hostess, Boom Boom , who he clearly has a fun friendship with . He has an infectious laugh , pulling his guests into the local chat and making everyone smile. He once told me , okay , maybe more than once , that his fans were THE most important people to him , before the himself and Venue , you can feel this love with them and with him.

He sings a mix of country , Rock a Billy and Blues , giving us Broken Joe's ' I Don't Blame Her' and throwing in a new one , a HeadHunters tune ' Rock & Roll Angel' and then the one his Fans love, 'She Thinks My Tractors sexy' . This is where everyone gets on their tractor with a burst of smoky green and pink tractors , and Hedy and Boom Boom crashing the stage running down Bo W , making us all laugh

Taking it down again Bo W sang a Merle Haggard 'Sing me Back Home' which I loved .even as it bought back sad memories of that life outside Secondlife, but this is music , it speaks where your mind can not . It touches a chord in your heart ..When I am doing a blog , I go back and re-listen to really get the feel of the music , This one touched that chord.

He finishes off his set taking the tempo right up with another audience favourite , 'Rub it In' , and Chuck Berry's ' Go Johnny Go '

Bo W grew up in a family of musicians , spending time in Nashville ,making a special appearance in Tootsie's Orchid Lounge and working as a roadie. Coming into Secondlife , he hosted and was a backing band member for Jade Berry before going for his dream of being a singer in his own right. He loves older, classic, and traditional country music along with oldies rock. You can expect to hear a good mix of those genres at his shows.

Bo W Loves to entertain you

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