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BRFIREMAN (jeff.tully) Sings Live @ Streaming Falls 2/19/2023

Good morning and Happy Sunday my friends!! If you’re not in church this morning, then there is only one other special way to spend a Sunday morning: at the beautiful Streaming Falls!! On Sunday mornings Streaming Falls hosts “Still Streaming Sundays” highlighting some very talented singers and musicians. The owners Edward Lowell and MrMulti Writer along with manager Duskyrose have created an outdoor venue of tranquility surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees. And of course, the waterfall in the background gives way to many moments of staring, dreaming, and fantasizing. With a cup of real coffee in my hand, I spy a table of pastries, fruit, and more coffee on the edge of the dance area. Hummm they look so scrumptious, good thing they are virtual or I’d have to devour the entire display !! LOL

Taking the stage this morning is an awesome singer/musician/songwriter – BRFIREMAN (jeff.tully). On stage playing his guitar along side BR is Edward Lowell, what a great set of musicians. BRFIREMAN is a very charming southern gentleman who has been part of SL since 2006. He tells me he has taken breaks throughout the years and has recently returned to SL to excite us with his musical talent. And yes! I’m excited!! His voice is silky smooth and his diction very understandable. There was no scratching my head thinking what the heck were those words he was singing – I understood every single one.

BRFIREMAN sings many of originals, and I have to say I was very impressed with his folksy, country style. Immediately he had me focused on his singing with no distractions – I was hooked! Opening up with an original called the Blue Screen Broken Hearted Blues, he sings of his broken-down computer and how it’s just so darn annoying! I can relate! I'm ready to kick mine to the curb!! Loved it!

BRFIREMAN not only sings originals of broken computers , but has written songs of broken relationships. With “Pardon Me”, he sings of telling his ex-partner - pardon me if I don’t sing the blues - I’m not going to waste another minute of you on my mind - you found someone new – not broken-hearted - not upset etc. Some of us here in SL could use that advice. Stop wasting your headspace and time on that ex who doesn’t want you and appreciate you and just move on.

Another break-up original BR sang, "Will I still Love you?” "Almost a year since you said I’m outta here -seems like yesterday – my heart hurts the same - paths cross will I still love you? Fear of seeing you with someone else” … BR relayed to me, “A friend once told me he saw his ex in the store. He was still in love with her, and that song was going through his mind. I was honored.” BRFIREMAN’S originals resonate with many – how many of you lost a love in SL or RL, still love them, and fear seeing them go on without you?

BRFIREMAN also captivated us with his cover songs, and I found myself smiling and singing along with him to:

“Follow Me” -John Denver, “Wagon Wheel” - Darius Rucker, ( I love Darius Rucker) “Crazy” - Patsy Cline, “A few Ole Country Boys” - Randy Travis, “Jukebox in my Mind” – Alabama, “Peaceful Easy feeling” – Eagles, Lillies White Lies, and Linda Lou.

BRFIREMAN closed his set with more originals – “Circle of Friends”, “Time Flies” and my absolute favorite, "We'll Make It Though". A song of two people going through life together experiencing good times and bad times. While the world keeps getting crazier, these two know they will make it through all the lunacy because they have each other. We have such a crazy world going on right now, and each of us carries our own bag of problems. I hope you all have someone to lean on in bad times and someone to share the good times with as well to make your life a little bit happier.

Search for BRFIREMAN in music events. He is sure to touch your heart and soul with his satisfying mellow voice as he did mine. And the cherry on top is that sweet southern accent when he speaks. 😊 Thanks, BR, for a special Sunday morning. Huggsss Trishia

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