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Bright Oh @ Under the Willows 12/3/21

I do not get to see Aussie singers often because of the time

difference. If I am going to stay up late or

get up early for an Aussie singer it will be for the one

I have known for ten years the Bright one, Bright Oh.

He is singing at Under the Willows, a lovely venue owned

by Precious Rallier.

It has a beautiful winter decor right now but the next shows there

will be going to the spring theme. It is always a nice relaxed, friendly


Under the Willows has been open ten years now. Bright used to sing

here when he was with the group Soar and continued to sing here

after their breakup.

You may also remember Bright as the Co-Founder of The Color Factory

from a few years back.

He starts to speak with that lovely Aussie accent that makes you

feel relaxed from the moment he speaks the first word.

Bright writes and sings all his songs, sometimes he also sings

some of the songs

that he sang from his time with Soar.

He is a great storyteller and has a story behind every song he sings.

His lyrics will touch your heart, his melodies are ones that

will linger on, and his harmonies are from another time.

His show has lashings of sweetness, fun and mayhem thrown in.

His first song is Lost at Sea.

So, we begin the story telling with Bright Oh's songs.

What a great song, as all his songs are.

Bright has a very appealing voice, his music is beautiful

and if you are a loyal follower or someone who just discovered him

he will always influence you with his music

He starts to paint a picture and the emotions of the scene

for us with the lyrics as he continues to sing.

It is late Friday night, so I want to mellow out, there is not a better

singer in second life to mellow out with then Bright Oh.

He continues to sing with an occasion song thrown in from one of his

friends from Zoar.

Why does it feel that when Bright sings it is as if he is

singing directly to you?

I think many people feel this way about his singing. There has always been

a special feeling you get when you are at a Bright Oh show.

Just about when you are getting totally relaxed the show is over

and you wish it could continue, it will but it will have to be next time.

See you next time the Bright one! Another wonderful performance

from Bright Oh.

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