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Camme Carver @ Party Beach Scheveningen 22/4/2021

It's Thursday evening and The RLFL team are holding an event on Party Beach Scheveningen owned by my very good friend Anicka Bailey and co owner Guus. It's a pretty and casual covered beach fronting onto water with a resident shark swimming under the dance floor.. The club has been in existence for an incredible 14 years known previously as Kurhaus Scheveningen holding shows three nights a week and in the last seven years run by Anicka as Party Beach Scheveningen .

I'm warmly greeted by Ann , a RLFL team member and Sienna Thor. On Stage Virgil Flowers was just finishing his show.

Camme , affectionately known as CC , took to the stage and strummed her acoustic guitar. CC is a true entertainer engaging with her audience in the most delightful way. Her voice has a soulful folksy feel with an underlying passion. She sings with only her guitar , a girl and her guitar, this is CC. We hear 'Fade into You' and Alanis Morissette' s 'Bitch' that has you singing along. She does a touching Adele's 'When We Were Young' one of my all time favourites. Followed by Frank Sinatra's 'Fly Me to The Moon' sharing her times with her Father playing this. Then Come 'Imagine ' and 'Cover Me in Sunshine' and many more .

This is a lady who has survived , keeping her sense of humour , you feel CC is singing from the very core of her soul, she can make you laugh and cry ,throwing in a delightful giggle that has you smiling . Most of all , CC can sing and she does so with soul , passion and humour.

CC, a girl and her guitar

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