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Chad Schneuta @ The Night Owl

In Second Life, everybody's a comedian. Even singer/songwriter Chad Schneuta. Especially Chad. Sometimes, fans get a joke between every song. Other times, interesting nostalgia or obscure facts related to the song he has just delivered. But, fans and new initiates best remember Chad's concerts for the eclectic music. He is a singular performer not easily forgotten.

I saw Chad perform a day or two before the yearly flood of SL Christmas cheer, Santa outfits, and reindeer antlers had begun, that intrepid period after the American Thanksgiving holiday when music venues seem empty of the guests because the rest of the world has adopted the American sales marketing custom and developed a taste for turkey; I am reminded of Rammstein's song "(we're all living in) America".

Chad lives in America, the Mojave Desert of California, and hails from New Jersey, just over the river from New York. Chad took an interest in music at an early age. He first performed in SL many years ago, then took a hiatus, and has recently returned to live shows.

I was at The Night Owl, owned by Sweetpea Shilova, an unpretentious, whole-lotta-fun kind of venue with a relaxed atmosphere and an international flavor. Chad and Sweetpea go way back as professional friends, and you can often find him there enjoying other singers and musicians.

"Abercrombie Zombie", Chad's own composition, was the first song, it's loud, brash Rock guitar chords demanding our attention. Chad got the idea for this song while in the shower, he told us. This was followed by "Smile and Wave" an irresistibly cute song with lots of LOL value, as are his many texts messages in Local Chat, which make me laugh. So did "Naked Bacon", the next song. How does he make up this stuff?

Chad uses special guitar effects and unexpected audio clips (a telephone conversation in one song) to keep fans interested. When you don't know what to expect, a hallmark of Chad's performances, you pay more attention, and leave your Faceboook alone. It's a unique sound, and most of the material is original. Chad is a big Santana fan however, so you will hear his respectful but unique renditions of that classic band's work.

You can definitely hear that Chad is enjoying what he does on stage, and this is like an electrical current for the audience. Chad is into it, and very talented. The audience stays as focussed as he does because of that. If you are feeling you have heard it all in SL music lately, Chad adds something new to the typical mixture. He can be shocking in a positive way that true art is. But, don't worry, you can handle it. Hell, you probably need it.

I recommend Chad Schneuta for you and the whole family. At least you won't argue for an hour, and you might even have a good time. Worth a look, don't be late.

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