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ChelseaMarie Noel sings for Feed a Smile @ Lavender Field

It really is fantastic the way our SL artists perform to benefit nonprofit organizations around the world. Feed a Smile has been around in SL for many years, and they have a simple message: donate 100 Lindens and you buy a warm meal for a child in Kenya. Their Website says more than 100,000 meals have been provided, and I don't know how old that number is.

ChelseaMarie is one of those generous artists, and I'm so glad I could catch her performance on July 18! This video has portions of 3 songs, and you'll see the numbers on the big board behind her increase as the show progresses. Enjoy the video, and visit Feed a Smile at

(Toggle for Music helps out Feed a Smile too! A portion of every Directory fee from our Performers and Venues goes right to Feed a Smile.)

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