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ChelseaMarie Noel@ VINCENTS

I'm on my way to Virtual Holland and Vincents, a venue owned by Allen (impress.allen) . I have great memories of Virtual Holland, as a noob, it was one of the first sims I discovered, before I even knew about LIVE music. It was here I bought my very first outfit in one of the many little stores on Virtual Holland. I still have this outfit in my exploding inventory. It's so pretty I couldn't bear to part with it. Well, you know what it's like, there are just some things you just don't throw out even if they don't fit and never will again

S0 after checking out the stores, I strolled across to Vincents Entering through the swing doors where I was warmly greeted by Vincents friendly and helpful GM and Hostess MereWolf, I was a few minutes early, glancing around I settled into a dance, and chatted to Mere, letting her know that I was going to write about Chelsea. I had already let Chelsa know previously

ChelseaMarie Noel took to the stage, and launched into a great jazzy number by Al Jarreau 'Roof Garden'. This was followed by 'Sad Old Red' and 'Drops of Jupiter' and a classic soul tune by Bill Withers ' Use Me'

ChelseaMarie talked us through the song 'Poke Salad Annie' telling the story of how the tune came about. The lyrics describe the lifestyle of a poor southern girl and her family. Poke Sallet is a dish made from Pokeweed. I'm always intrigued to hear the origins of a tune, There's a story behind every song

ChelseaMarie hails from the New England area. Music has been her passion as far back as she can remember. She has been singing online for 11 years and her music style is varied, she loves all genres from Jazz, Blues, Pop, and R&B. Her voice is soft and husky, perfectly in tune. Also included in her show were~

I Am A Creep

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

Ain't Nobodies Business What I Do

That Man


Just A Gigolo as requested by hostess MereWolf

ChelseaMarie knows how to deliver a performance from Romance to Oldies and current Pop tunes and does so with an elegant style and class, chatting to her guests and taking. requests. I came away from her show feeling all was good with the world and wanting to hear more of ChelseaMari Noel.

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