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Chicago Bluesman@Midnight Blues

Today I am going to Midnight Blues to listen to a brand new artist here in Second Life named Chicago Bluesman. I had the opportunity to see his show when he was first starting here in SL. I knew after hearing him I needed to write a blog about him. I was inspired by his playing and how I could sense that he can feel the music that he is playing on the harmonica. I do not remember an artist in Second life where the harmonica is the highlight of the performance.

It is interesting to me how a musician originally from Chile got interested in the Blues so I thought I would do a little history of the Blues. I thought I knew most music and its roots but I did not realize the Blues started in the southern United States after the Civil War ended. The blues was the expression of freed African Americans. They wanted a different type of music that did not relate to the days of slavery, they wanted new musical styles of their own. It was music that chased the blues away, they called it The Blues.

I arrive at Midnight Blues and it is a great-looking venue. I like the feel of it, it is cozy...just the right feeling for a Blues place. The owner is Zoffee Blues, she has had this lovely venue for about 3 years now. There is a great stream here playing the blues all the time so stop by even if there is not an artist performing!!

So how does a guy from Chile find out about the blues? Around1994 to1995 Chicago Bluesman was living south of Santiago, Chile. He was at a party of his good friend. Back then they only had cassette tapes and his friend started to play a cassette called The Blues History. He started to listen and the first song he heard was Sweet Sixteen by BB King, and he immediately thought whoa who the hell is that? He asked his friend if he could borrow that cassette tape and he took it home and listened a lot. So I guess you could say his friend was instrumental in getting him down the path of playing the Blues. However he could have gone several ways with the Blues playing, he was familiar with the harmonica because his grandfather also played it, not a lot but enough that he knew what the harmonica was. Time passed he got his first harmonica and an accordion. So that is how the Blues caught the interest of a young guy in Chile. Not sure what happened to the accordion, I will have to find that out.

Chicago Bluesman is a professional musician considered one of the pioneers of the harmonica in Chile. Some of the artists that Chicago Bluesman has already accompanied on stage in RL are Bob Margolin, Bob Stroger, Andrea Dawson, Phillip Walker, Andrew Jr. Boy Jones, Maurice John Vaughan, Eddie C. Campbell, Lurrie Bell, and Tail Dragger among others. Plus, he opened up for Clapton in real life.

Once you listen to him you will hear Blues the way blues was meant to be played. You will be able to tell that he feels the music. Now Chicago Bluesman brings the talent and skills from real life to Second life and you are all in for a real treat!

Chicago started with two great blues songs. I am amazed at how good he is with that harmonica or harp as some players call it. Everyone has their style when playing the harmonica and I love the style of play that Chicago has. As soon as he starts to play he grabs your attention.

He goes on to play the song Black Jack and another song called Stomp. Both of these songs were great. He uses very professional backing tracks to play his harmonica too. I know the first time I heard him it sounded as if a band was there playing with him live I asked him "Is the band playing live with you too?" That is when he explained how important it was for him to go to the expense of getting the best backing tracks that he could get and they are great!

More people started to show up to listen to him as the word gets around that there is a new great artist in SL. I noticed several Blues artists in the crowd which is a compliment to Chicago. People continued to come into the venue which I was happy to see.

Chicago takes the time to talk to his audience and is appreciative that they are there. Something I always feel is very important is that the artist connects with the crowd.

Next, he brings out what is called a low-toned harmonica. It is one octave lower than most harmonicas. Amazing how that changes the sound of the harmonica completely. That sound is just so interesting.

Next, he plays Rumba and then a song called Chitlin con Carne.

I love this next song he plays! Of course, everyone knows classic Georgia on my Mind, a 1930 song written by Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell and first recorded that same year by Hoagy Carmichael. You are probably most familiar with it sung by Ray Charles.

On to a song that Chicago Bluesman wrote called Florianopolis Mood. Great song and hopefully we will hear more of these songs written by Chicago.

Just about when you are getting into the performance and the wonderful sounds the harmonica makes the show is over. You wish it would continue unfortunately you have to wait until the next time. I for one will be there! Great show Chicago Bluesman! Welcome to Second Life!

If you have been following Chicago Bluesman for the last month or someone who just discovered him I can guarantee that his music will influence you and you won't forget the sounds when he plays the harmonica. Anyone can play an instrument but not everyone can master the instrument they are playing. That is one thing Chicago Bluesman does, he is the master of the harmonica!

Until next time...


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