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Clairede Dirval @ Helle's Angels

Helle's great venue has become a favorite place to shoot. Open air means I can lift the camera as high as I want, and the deep stage lets me swing around behind the artist and let you see what they see! Always interesting and beautiful people (and other creatures!) there, too.

Clairede Dirval was once described to me as "The real deal," and she certainly is! You feel her in the room with you; her voice is powerful but--when she wants it to be--packed with emotion.

Take a listen, and you'll catch where she flows effortlessly from "I'll Fly Away" into "What's Love Got to Do With It" (that was her live performance, not my editing). And then you'll see the edit into the third song, "Trouble in Mind." Enjoy it, and catch her live soon!

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