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Closing Day @ THE FERN Jazz & Blues Lounge

March 31, 2022 was a sad day for me, as one of my very favorite music spaces closed. This grand lady went out in fine style, with a full afternoon/evening of performances by some of SL's great musicians.

I was able to be there for three of them, Chad Schneuta, Star Twilighton and Clairede Dirval, and it was wonderful. I recorded about an hour of beautiful music.

And then, bad news -- a mismatched capture setting reduced the quality of the recorded audio. Much of it was unusable, but I did some processing and believe I have ten listenable minutes to share with you. The event is historic, and needs to be here at TfM! So please do enjoy the experience! (If your audio has controls, try turning down the Bass.)

And some GOOD NEWS: watch for news of a smaller, more intimate space, THE FERN UNDERGROUND! You'll read about it right here. :-)

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