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Crooner Carlucci @ Runaround Sue's

So, a couple weeks ago I was looking for a live show to go. I could not believe it as I'm scanning down the list that I see Crooner Carlucci. I was his manager about ten years ago and all the sudden it seems he has returned. He has had a successful singing career in Canada but once again Covid has not helped singers’ careers because places are closing again. He decided to come back to perform in second life.

Crooner is a very versatile vocalist and entertainer, hailing from Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada area.

They have a contest every year in Dean Martin's hometown to see who sounds the most like Dean Martin and Crooner won it. His daughter is even named after Dean's daughter.

Crooner sings a lot of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Elvis and many songs you are sure to remember. It is nice to have him back in sl after all this time. So, I am headed over to Runaround Sue's to check him out.

Runaround Sue's has been in sl for a long time. You will enjoy the theme of this club taking you back to the era of 50's and 60's and 70's. Runaround Sue's is Second Life's longest running consecutive Oldies Club. Founded in 2007. I have always had a great time in this club.

Crooner starts out with Beyond the Sea. If you have read my blogs in the past, you know sometimes, I like to give the history of a song. Beyond the Sea was written by Charles Trenet a French singer and song writer in 1945 and it was sung in French. Most of us know it as a famous song sung by Bobby Darin which was sung in English.

Crooner sounds great as he sings Beyond the Sea. He has a very euphonious voice, pleasing to your ears.

The next song is I'll Aways Love You (Day After Day) by Dean Martin. Now is when you close your eyes and imagine it is Dean Martin on stage! Although it is Crooner on stage, he presents himself when he sings just like Dean, his singing diction is perfect! What a great love song!

Here Comes My Baby by The Tremeloes is up next. Crooner goes from a slow romantic love song right into an upbeat pop song from the 60's. He makes a great transition from one song to another.

It would not be a Crooner concert without the song Unforgettable by Nat King Cole. By the end of this show you will find Crooner unforgettable and wanting to hear him again.

Now it is time to throw in an Elvis song, A Fool Such as I. I just love this! Crooner is also good at singing Elvis songs. I look around the club and he definitely has the power to bring in a crowd!

Crooner is keeping in that era with this next song. Raining in My heart by Buddy Holly. Our parents certainly had a great era to grow up in with these lovely tunes!

This next song is great! Have not heard it for ages and not sure how Crooner gets the lyrics out so fast to this song, The Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley. It is a great little tune but a real tongue twister. I tried singing it after the show, I will leave that to Crooner. lol

Oh, I am so excited to hear this next song as it is Ferry Cross the Mersey sung by Jerry and The Pacemakers a classic song! I sang this song on a ferry on the Mersey with friends when I was in the UK ten years ago. It was a great time and Crooner brings back the great memories of that time.

I am really enjoying this show so much! Crooner goes on to sing King of The Road by Roger Miller, After the Loving by Engelbert Humperdinck which I have not heard for ages!

Now back to what I call some Doo Wop music, first with the song I'm walking by Fats Domino.

I am having a great time, and this is about the time of a show that you are really into listening and the key is to watch the audience and they are all having a great time.

Things by Bobby Darin is next, great song and Crooner sings this song without any effort. That is one thing about him, these songs fit him so well and it just flows out of him with ease when he sings.

Lucky Lips is the next song and Crooner is singing the Frank Sinatra version of this. it was sung by numerous artists.

Back now to another Dean Martin song which made Crooner so successful in Second Life. Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime!

Corrine Corrina is a great little song that he is singing, so upbeat and as so many of these songs makes you want to dance. I was doing some research on this song and found a comment by one man in reference to this song. I thought I would mention it hear. "My wife’s name was Corrine we were married for 70 years. I used to sing this song to her every night after it came out. She died as I was singing it to her. Fond memories". You see that is what music does to us, always keep music in your life!

Just a few songs left in today's show, this is the time when you just want it to keep going. Now a heartthrob song by Ricky Martin, Travelin' Man.

Crooner closes out his show with Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin. If Bobby had lived longer, I am sure he would have been more famous of any singer of his time. I love when Crooner sings this song! As the song says, Look out, old Crooner's back!

I had great fun tonight at this show!

Crooner's rich voice and dedication to his singing really shined through in this performance he gave. He is very interactive with his audiences and welcomes song requests for any of the songs on his song list.

If you attend one of his concerts just close your eyes and see if it is like Dean himself is in the room.

Bravo Crooner!!

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