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DEEFER HONI 06/06/21 @ The Night Owl

I first heard Deefer Honi a week ago , he was singing 'Wagon Wheel' and thought then Wow nice! Sadly I got called away and promised myself to catch him again. I finally caught up with Deefer at The Night Owl , a popular Venue ,owned by Sweetpea Shilova, on a pretty sim with the water as a backdrop to the stage. I was warmly greeted by Sweetpea and her host Virgil.

Deefer opened his set with a Bouncing ' Brown Sugar' followed by CCR's 'Bad Moon Rising' , one of my absolute Favourites:) Deefer was clearly enjoying himself and it was infectious. Then followed Eric Clapton's 'Before You Accuse Me' a Great bluesy tune. I was loving his song choices and Fun Way he has , In between Tunes, he would tell us some funny little story or comment on something said in local.

There followed 'Bonnie and Clyde' Angie Baby , 'Dancing on a Saturday Night' 'Don't think Twice' a walk back in time for me , memories of lazy hazy summer days in beer gardens or smoke filled pubs . Who would have thought songs would make me remember smoke filled pubs :)

Deefer sang a mix of tunes , giving us 'Grandma's Feather Bed' , ' Wanna do Bad Things to you' ,and 'Bad Bad Leroy Brown' I loved Deefer's voice and his style of music . He finished off his show with 'Sweet Home Chicago' , 'Desperado' and a moving tune , I hadn't heard before . 'Come and Get Higher' . He is a true entertainer , nice friendly guy enjoying singing. I loved that he was so helpful and interested when I chatted to him after his set.

Deefer has a long history of music, learning to play his first classical guitar so he could join a musical ensemble at school , but soon graduated into Pop and Rock, joining various local bands along the way of his musical journey. Living in the UK , there were a lot of 'Working men's clubs' where local bands could play so Deefer was able to build up a successful life as a musician. In 2015 He moved to America but missed singing , doing some gigging in local places , he then turned to Secondlife a few months ago , as a place to sing and play.

Over the years he has played pop, rock, country & western, blues, jazz, sing-along, but now confined to one man and his acoustic guitars he prefers anything melodic that his voice will accommodate.

As Deefer still says “I play and sing because I enjoy it – even though I may not be the next Ed Sheeran”

Deefer Honi ~ A man and his guitar

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