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Erik Kottzen @ Sapphire Beach Club 16/4/21

What could be better in SL than starting the weekend with a very special live concert? My choice was once again the beautiful beach of the Sapphire Beach Club. This venue has long been a guarantee for good music and exuberant parties in the most beautiful ambience. Erik Kottzen was on the program last night. He is an RL musician, songwriter and vocal coach. He is the friendly and always cheerful Brazilian guitarist, drummer, bass player and lead singer of a metal band. He has been one of the best-known rock musicians in SL for years and has corresponding experience and a very large fan base. Rock music is his passion and he plays metal, hard rock but also pop. As always when Erik plays, the venue was packed and the guests were in a great mood. Yesterday he sang fantastic songs like Asia, Toto, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Queen, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden and Journey, which he delivered perfectly with his terrific voice. The range of his voice is so wide that he sings the hard rock songs but also the softer rock balads precisely and with the attitude required by the songs and which he accompanies perfectly on his electric guitar. Erik is a pleasure for the ears but also for the eyes of the audience. ;) Visiting one of his concerts promises a good time, with wonderful rock songs to sing along with and the associated good mood! Rock on Erik!

**translated from German**

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