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Essence @ Sapphire Beach Club

One of my absolute favorite venues is the Sapphire Beach Club. It not only impresses with its creative owners, who, with a lot of love and commitment, constantly redesign their numerous stages, varied and according to the different themes, it also stands out with its grandiose top-class musicians, who regularly attract many guests and fans to the Sapphire . Essence is one of those sensational singers in SL that Claudine and John Sinclair have firmly in their program. The pretty US-American Essence sings in RL and, to our delight, also in SL. Their repertoire, which is only partially reflected in their song list, is immense and extraordinary. That evening we heard these songs, among others: Steve Perry - Oh Sherry Concrete Blonde - Joey Mazzy Star - Fade Into You The Chicks - Not Ready To Make Nice Janis Joplin - Piece of My Heart Pink—Try Pretenders - Brass In Pocket Garrett Hendlund & Leighton Meester - Give Into Me These titles are very different and many I have not heard from any artist in SL. They really are perfect for her incredibly beautiful and strong voice. Her slightly smoky voice impresses with its expressiveness and power, at the same time she sings very emotionally, as for example in the song Fade into you, which just inspired and touched me. This wonderful concert, with a terrific voice, great titles and a lot of feeling, went by far too quickly. But I'm already looking forward to the next time, which certainly won't be long in coming! My absolute recommendation: Essence! **translated from German**

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