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EVEE BLACKSTAR ~ @ The Blues Cove

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

It was the end of a lazy, hazy Sunday, after sailing with friends in an imaginary world, dreaming of walking barefoot along a beach somewhere, anywhere in the real world. I love ending the day with music, music feeds the soul and it sure helps you sleep soundly, kind of like a late-night lullaby you would sing to your babies. Soothing, Calming although I'm not sure Kumbaya in a flat voice is calming. The babies didn't seem to care.

Looking down the events list trying to decide among so many amazing artists, a name leapt out and gave me a Eureka moment !. , Evee Blackstar. My friend Michael had mentioned her to me and at the time, I looked at her schedule and saw it was too late for me. Anything past 5 pm and I'm past the counting sheep stage.

Anyway here it was a show with Evee at 3 pm, YES, I could do that and dusted off the teleport machine, cranked it up with the key at the back, and headed to the Venue closely followed by a manic blue circle. Landed on my feet, dusted myself off, waiting for the world to rezz and this incredible 'Voice' came out of the air and hit me. This lady can sing!!

It was too late to think of writing about Evee then. When you are trying to get somewhere fast, That little orange line can sometimes take forever to get from one end to the other .but I resolved somehow I would catch a full show in the future.

Then, Oh Joy !! Evee announced she would like to sing in Secondlife earlier times which I refer to as European times . . Ever the opportunist, I asked if she would perform at my Venue and Evee said yes:)

Fast forward and here I am, in present-day at my place, being blown away by this divine powerhouse of a voice.

The very moment Evee takes to the stage, she absolutely owns it, and you are caught in a magical world of fabulous song.

Evee sings 'I dream a dream ' from Les Miserable with such poignancy and passion, I was struck into silence, listening to every word of this heart-wrenching song of love now gone.

Evee is a powerhouse, singing an eclectic and varied Genre of Songs including Black Velvet and 'Slide' by Goo Goo Dolls and 'For Good' from the broadway album 'Wicked'

. Then she throws in a tune made up of so many song titles I lost track of how many, a sort of Mash UP.

Evee holds an audience, not only with her wonderful voice but with her quick wit and engaging chat wrapping us all up in her enthusiastic love of music. When she hits those high notes, you can hear those Waterford crystal glasses shatter.

Evee gave new meaning to Disney's 'Colors of the Wind', a truly beautiful song, making you actually WANT to paint with all the colors of the wind.

Thank you Evee for coming into Earlier times and letting us have the pleasure of your exquisite voice

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