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Hedy Patrucci @ DREAMSEA 28/4/21

Being my first blog for Toggle For Music, I arrived early and shaking with excitement. So, of course, I took a nice look around to find that the venue - Dream Sea, was laid out very well with all of the facilities easy to find. It's not too busy to the eye and provided an intriguing platform for what was to come.

The show begins promptly at 2 am SLT and Hedy's set opens with "Extremes' - More Than words". Which honestly is a song I have not heard much. However, Hedy's voice has a way of instantly grabbing your attention no matter your level of familiarity with the songs. So, from the onset, I am locked in and ready for more.

Out of the show opener and gracefully breezing through "I'd really love to see you tonight by England Dan & John Ford Coley", "To Sir With Love by LuLu", "Rock with You by Michael Jackson", and then "Something got a hold on me by Christina Aguilara". The overall feeling that remained a constant was that of love and happiness.

Then "A House is Not a Home by Luther Vandross" begins and the way Hedy's voice fits over the top of that track sent a chill down my spine and induced goosebumps. Something about the intentional graininess and the slight accent that goes into the mix when performing this cover, in particular, struck me in the best way.

Just as I was pinching myself to see if I was dreaming. Hedy, performs a Kenny Rodgers? song in Dutch. This just further demonstrated her incredible versatility as I was unable to understand many of the words, however, it still sounded incredible!

The climax of the show for me was the cover of "Hotel California by The Eagles". Where, as the song was playing there were people wavering, with Hedy lighters in hand. Which to me, just put a bow on the whole performance.

From here my need to backseat the note-taking and blogging focus I was doing took control and the paper and pen were tucked away. It was time to just dance, listen, interact, and enjoy the magic that was taking place in front of me on the stage and crowd.

Now, after 18 songs of Hedy's blissful musical magic, I am exhausted. So, see you at the next show! ~ Ezzy xoxo

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