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Hedy Patrucci @ Harbor Square ~ Ville de Coeur

Tonight I had the opportunity to hear Hedy Patrucci at Harbor Square ~ Ville de Coeur, a truly beautiful build of a French village that is a part of the eight regions that Ville de Coeur encompasses. Ville De Coeur is the brainchild of Bedrich Panacek-Guisse and his partner Ayla who are continually updating the older builds and implementing suggestions from the community or any new ideas that they may have. The first Sims had been inspired by a historically based novel and art. Bedrich's vision was to create a historical environment to explore all aspects of living in the French countryside outside of the nobility. A community developed for role-playing complete with 17th-century costumes. People are the focus for them both along with an outlet for their creativity so the role-playing has been dis-banded. Bedfreid and Ayla have assured continued interest in Ville de Coeur for most of us with a myriad of activities, events, contests, shopping, art galleries, tours, education, spirituality, church services, restaurants, cafes, property rentals, DJ's, and of course live performers.

Hedy was born the youngest of eleven children of a very musical family. Her mother taught them all to play guitar. She began singing at the age of 7 with all of her siblings who consisted of the band at their church and has not stopped singing since then. She told me that " singing is like breathing to me" and "when I sing I forget everything". Luckily, one of her brothers introduced her to SecondLife so that she could also bring her singing gifts here to share with all of us.

Hedy started her show with Celine Dion ~ Only One Road beginning with this first song my thoughts were inspired by her incredibly smooth full-bodied notes which lead me to a moon-lit meadow with fireflies flickering about as I swayed and twirled listening to this amazingly gifted vocalist.

She kept me in this moon-lit meadow and thoroughly engaged by her live performance with singing such warm and genuinely romantic classics as Go Easy On Me ~ Adele, The Closest Thing To Crazy ~ Katie Melua, You Can Always Come To Me ~ Greg Brown, Cheek to Cheek ~ Fred Astair, Just The Way You Are ~ Billy Joel, Truly ~ Lionel Richie, I Choose You ~ Sara Bareilles. Hedy made the corners of my mouth turn upwards into a full smile when she sang the whimsical song Makin' Whoopee ~ Eddie Cantor.

Hedy has on display and delivers her stunningly brilliant musical heart and soul with every cover she performs. Each gloriously toned nuanced note that Hedy sings is filled with heartfelt emotion emanating from deep within her which kept me captivated by her consistently gorgeous and rich voice.

It was when I heard Hedy sing "I guess. . . ." the first two words of the lyrics Clown ~ Emeli Sande that everything stopped for me, my dancing and twirling in that moon-lit meadow were completely gone from my mind. I believe I might have even held my breath for a bit. The truth and purity of every melodic note that left her breath resonated and floated through the sea air and surrounded me thoroughly. Her stellar rendition of this cover was something that commanded my complete attention which I eagerly absorbed. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to hear a singer perform a song to which the singer, lyrics, and melody mesh in such a beautiful manner. Her singing is true harmony which I hope all will experience!

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