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Hogan Baily @ Vivi la Vita

It's New Year's Eve! This evening's celebration begins with attending Hogan Baily's performance at Vivi la Vita.

Portia Dillon(Portia.starlight) is the owner of Vivi la Vita, a beautiful Live Music venue which to my surprise was located in the sky while the land and venues below are being built. I love the name of this Live Music venue ~ Vivi la Vita means Live Life. It's a great positive affirmation. For the first six months, Portia started her Live Music venue as Dolce Amore. Dolce Amore was located in connection with her friend, BellaTrix Lethal, the owner of Feed My Desire's Sim. Then she moved out on her own in April 2020. She renamed the venue Vivi la Vita and then in continuation with her positive influence changed the Sim's name to In Harmony. Portia's motto is "It's all about helping to support artists!" Upon arrival, I was instantly struck by not only the beautiful outdoor landscaping but the overall real-life feeling of being at an outdoor Live Music concert. Portia will open up more stage areas once they are located on the land. I am sure that the creativity and interest in Live Music will be evident in the results that will be seen once it all is completed. I, for one am excited to see how this Live Music venue will look!

Hogan Baily started singing in real life about 1990 while attending a New Hampshire college. I am sure he was but a wee child at that time. Smiles widely as I promised him that I would include that! Hogan started singing in 2009 in SL. Blues is my favorite music genre and his favorite to sing followed by Country. Hogan shares the stage with the High Steppers who are Rain Dudley, Timber, and Grace McKenzie. Hogan lets them do their own thing while he directs his energy on his singing performance.

Hogan starts the audience dancing and in a party mood by belting out Shake Your Bon-Bon by Ricky Martin once he is on stage. Followed by a couple of The Bee Gee's songs, How Deep Is Your Love and Jive Talkin'. Come and Get Your Love by Redbone was next. Hogan was singing before a packed house ~ 110 people were here listening and dancing while Hogan entertained us with his excellent singing! For me, one of the indicators of a live performer's talent is how many other live performers attend their show. Judging by how many other live performers are here for Hogan Baily's show, his talent is very well respected by the Live Music community in SL. Hogan's up-beat delivery of each of these covers had everyone dancing! His voice is so clear with perfect pitch. You can hear his happiness not only while he is singing but between songs while interacting with the crowd. I am sure, that I was not alone in smiling and chuckling at the little jokes and comments that Hogan makes between his songs.

Then Hogan sang a couple of Neil Diamond songs, Love On The Rocks and Forever In Blue Jeans. Hogan's rich deep tones floated out over the audience while he sang these two covers. Hearing how Hogan can sing the higher pitch songs of The BeeGee's then change direction with some Neil Diamond tunes shows the range of this live performer. Then he changed up again to sing Stray Cat Strutt by Stray Cats. Hogan performed several more songs one of which was Late In The Evening by Paul Simon. Hogan kept us all partying and dancing when he sang for us his hard-hitting and fantastic cover of Fireball by PitBull. He told us that he likes Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice which he then performed to perfection. Hogan ended his show with a terrific version of Find My Baby by Moby.

I was so pleased that I came to Hogan Baily's show! Judging by the reaction of the audience, I was not alone in thinking that this was one terrific show! Attending a Hogan Baily show will pick you up and lay you down on a musical magic carpet ride! His delivery of each cover that he sang was in perfect pitch with so much enthusiasm for the lyrical message! Through Hogan's energetic performance in its entirety, I was left breathless and smiling. Hogan Baily is a true "Showman"! Be forewarned! The happiness that you will hear from Hogan's voice is contagious! Hogan's joyful strong delivery of each song was a delight to my ears! If you are looking to experience an hour filled with talented high-power Live Music attending a Hogan Baily show is the answer for you!

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