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Holly Giles @ Glow

I found myself with an unexpected night off, but, in truth, I rarely take a night completely away from music. I sat down with a mug of coffee, ( too early for a glass of wine) and glanced down the events page. I spotted Holly Giles performing at a new venue called GLOW. I know Holly, one of the sweetest people, and I hadn't been to GLOW, putting down my coffee, I took a taxi to GLOW.

As I arrived at the landing point, Kissi, GLOW's manager or Mini-boss as she describes herself ( I love that title) sent me a teleport. Winter was just finishing his show as I arrived and he made a friendly greeting. I was warmly greeted by Panjana, owner of GLOW, and Swuran the venue's hostess for the day, and a lovely friendly greeting from Kissi, who is also a fellow writer on Toggle for Music.

Holly took to the stage with her band, Liam Maddox and LaNeya. I found dance and settled in for the next hour of great music with a beautiful lady. Holly kicked off with 'I see Red' by Everybody loves an Outlaw. I LOVE the lyrics to this one. I'd never heard of the band, so I checked out their background. A texas born group whose success has gone viral.

Holly has a slightly raunchy voice with a hint of power and a touch of rasp which I love. 'I See Red' was followed by a Beatles number 'Let it Be' and Elton John's ' Can you feel the Love Tonight', a beautiful song from the Lion King. She sang 'Woman in me' and CCR's 'As Long as I Can see the Light' and Dixie Chicks 'Wild Open Spaces'

You get the feeling Holly sings songs she can in some way relate to, putting so much emotion into them. Holly has an engaging way with her guests, greeting everybody as they come in and describing the song she is about sing, sprinkling her chat with delightful giggles

A request was also made for her one and only Christmas Song ' I'll be home with Bells on'. Originally sung by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

Holly hails from Australia, bringing a fresh voice to Secondlife Live music, When she is not performing, she is deeply involved in supporting the music scene and 'Together as One ' a children's charity

I got chatting to Kissi, we both agreed Holly is so much fun with a style that is a little bit rock and a little bit country. Kissi said she was a huge fan of Holly's, adding that her giggles on Mic cracked her up.

Holly Giles, check her out when you are next looking for a show . You will enjoy every minute of Holly's music

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