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Jack Dryden @ Sapphire Beach Club 12/03/21

This blog is an affair of the heart and I've wanted to write it for a long time. I've known Jack for a while and I'm a huge fan of his.

This evening it took me to the Sapphire Beach Club. I have seldom seen such a breathtakingly beautiful stage. You feel like you are in a 5 star beach resort somewhere on the Pacific Ocean. You can enjoy a wonderful view and everything is of high quality and created with great attention to detail.

There are still supposed to be people who don't know Jack. I would like to give them a little of my impressions.

At first glance, Jack is a cowboy as he stands on stage with his hat and his acoustic guitar. In his heart of hearts he is probably one too, although he is not from Texas, but from the UK.

After attending a concert by him for the first time, I had the urge to tell him how much I love his music and his voice and the result was an incredibly beautiful, honest and interesting conversation. Since then, I have valued this person a lot more.

His song list does not only include country songs, blues, rock and pop can also be found there.

That evening he sings songs by Hunk Williams, All my Rowdy friends followed by his very own version of Pink Floyd's - Hey you and George Jones - Choices, Mardy Bum from the Arctic Monkeys and many other wonderful songs.

But I always find the highlight, his original, which he wrote for his daughter (My beautiful daughter)

Between his songs he always tells very personal things and he gives the audience the feeling of his human openness and his sensitivity and thus he pays the listener enormous respect, although I think that he is not even aware of this effect.

He has the gift of singing so honestly, gently and naturally that one drifts away like on a cloud of emotions, it is balm for the soul.

No matter which song he sings, it gives you the impression that he just wrote it from deep inside his heart.

Ok, I'm the very emotional version of a woman;) nevertheless, not even in RL, very many musicians manage to touch me the way he does.

He is an exceptional person and an exceptional musician. In my opinion he deserves much more than “just” a stage in SL. Visit his concerts and see for yourself!

**translated from German**

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