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Jack Dryden @ Scarlet's Ranch

It's Friday night and I'm heading into Scarlets Ranch, landing on the snow-covered welcome spot. Looking around, I walk under the archway, along the well-worn track to the stage and along the red carpet, where Barbie, the hostess, and Jack greet me warmly. I had chatted to Jack earlier in the day so he knew I was going to write about him for Toggle for Music. I was excited to be able to hear Jack sing and to have the pleasure to write about his show.

It was still a few minutes before Jack started, so after our greetings, I settled on a dance pad. Jack took to the impressive stage of green worn wood with a picture of Jack as a backdrop under a golden arch. Guests came in amid a buzz of anticipation

Jack launched into his set with a selection of country songs including, Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues' and Merle Haggard's ' Mama Tried' and Charlie Daniels 'Long Haired Country Boy' and. The Whiskey Ain't Workin' by Travis Tritt

Jack introduced me to an Album called The White Mansions featuring various country artists from which he sang 'The Union Mare and The Confederate Grey', The album is a saga of the American Civil War from a southern perspective, it's a must to listen to the Whole album, thank you, Jack.

Jack sings with such effortless ease, his voice is smooth, warm yet deep at the same time. reminiscent of Louis Armstrong but without the gravel. I chatted with Jack the next day about his show, saying how much I enjoyed it, especially ' Brother's in Arms by Dire Straits, a haunting song about the Falklands War, Jack said he had just added this tune and what a powerful song it is. He has to hold onto his Mic and almost tears up singing it. This is what you hear in Jack's music, his connection, his emotion which touches the listener. Jack chats in between songs, making sure he doesn't miss anyone in greeting them, making all feel welcome

Jack switched from country songs to, 'The Universal Soldier, from a Distance'' What a Wonderful World' ending with an old Elvis classic ' Can't Help Falling in Love' , a song that always brings back memories in RL for me.

To quote Jack 'I spent so many years of my life not knowing why I am here, I still don't in some ways but other than being a parent. Singing is the only other thing I feel like I am supposed to be here for, it's my reason and it's quickly becoming a huge part of who I am as a human. I pour every bit of me into my songs and lift people's spirits or just make them feel in some way. I feel like I am doing what I am meant to do and to be received so well, is just a blessing I could never have imagined.'

I chatted to Scarlet, the owner of Scarlet's Venues, letting her know why I was there. Scarlet is so friendly, eager to talk about her love of live music and her passion for creating the different venues on the pretty sim, including The Green Door Ballroom opening on Sunday and a Winter Wonderland Castle which will soon be open for live shows. I loved her passion, she clearly loves what she does and catches you up in her enthusiasm. I can't wait to go to a live show at the Castle:)

Jack is a lovely warm unassuming human being, it's a privilege to know him. Jack, You found your place

Aqua Willowind

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