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Jae Sands @ Vivi la Vita

What can I say about Jae Sands? He is my good friend, and I was his manager for several years until I moved to the UK for a short time. I am so looking forward to his show tonight as he will never disappoints you in any of his performances.

Sinatra is in Jae's blood, from a young age when he was a child he learned the mechanics of Frank Sinatra, learning his inflections and the very tones of Sinatra’s voice. Including Sinatra’s diction and annunciation, breathing mannerisms and how, he (Frank), applied all these techniques to produce “The Voice”. He is a native New Yorker and sang in real life to sold out venues and restaurants. Then on to Florida where he serenades crowds from the balcony of the piazza at Universal Studio’s Portofino Bay hotel in Orlando Florida. He sang in many venues in other areas of Florida until his transition to Second Life. So on with the show. Come on let's go!

I just love this venue, Vivi la Vita. It is an outside venue so there is plenty of room to dance here. It just has a great feel here and everyone is very welcoming.

Jae starts out with Come Fly with Me written for Frank Sinatra in 1958. It is the perfect song to start out with, it is upbeat and grabs the audience's attention right away.

He has a way with the audience and his great personality really adds a lot to his show.

I have always loved the way Jae sings this song, Mambo Italiano by Dean Martin. I can imagine him singing this on the balcony of the piazza at Universal Studios. I would have loved to see those shows.

Just a Gigolo is next by David Lee Roth and then into Ain't That a Kick in The Head by Dean Martin. Jae is great at picking songs that show off his voice and that flow from one right into the next.

Slowing it down some to sing My Own True Love by The Duprees.

It would not be a Jae Sands show of course without the song My Way by Frank Sinatra. That song fits Jae to a tee! A singer looking back on his life’s journey.

Continuing with another Sinatra tune keeping his reputation of SL's Sinatra he sings For Once in My Life. You never get tired of listening to this song.

Fever is up next, a great little song originally sung by Peggy Lee. One of those songs you’ve all heard before about someone who is smitten with another.

This next song brings back the memories, Clementine by Bobby Darin. When Jae used to sing Bobby Darin duets I would dress up as Bobby Darin and join him on stage and sing a duet together. Perhaps will have to do a remake with Jae! Now he sings it by himself but really is a great song with the Bobby Darin vocals included in it on the track. There are rumors out there that Bobby Darin is Jae's third cousin.

As Jae puts it, this is the only Sammy David song he sings, I've Got to Be Me. Perhaps we can get him to add a few more from him.

Jae is always interacting so well with his audience, in fact so much that almost all his songs he is singing tonight are songs the audience requested. There are many longtime fans of Jae in the audience tonight. He has been gone from SL for a little while and they never forget him, the sign of a great singer.

Now on to a little bit of country, singing some Kenny Rogers hits, first one is The Gambler. Next one is a song that Kenny sang with Sheena Easton called We've Got Tonight. You can tell that Jae loves to sing songs from different genres. He is so good at that, and it helps to keep the attention of the audience.

The Way You Look Tonight is another song by Sinatra. On then to Sway, Dean Martin made this song famous singing with the Dick Stabile Orchestra. Jae sings this so great, lovely song with a Latin flair!

Who doesn't want to be the Sunshine of someone's life! Of course, we all know this great song by Stevie Wonder, You Are the Sunshine of My Life.

The clock is ticking away...only a few songs left in the show. Jae is the ultimate performer! Jae has always been the type that wants to keep singing. I do not know how many performances he has had in the past that he just keeps on singing. Jae kept on singing for 20 minutes past when he was to end. He loves to sing and just wants to keep entertaining his audience.

Mack the Knife a duet by Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Buffett was next. I might have the sequence of where this song was at in his show wrong, but I was so excited to hear this again I forgot to type it in. lol I had asked Jae a couple months ago for the name of this song I couldn't remember who sang it and we both were stumped by what song I meant. But there it was! This is absolutely my most favorite song Jae does and it is an absolute showstopper!

He continued to sing My Kind of Town and I'm Gonna Live till I Die both by Sinatra.

His fans continued to stay after almost singing a additional 30 minutes. He closes out his show with a Jessie Belvin song, Goodnight My Love. Great closing song!

So that is a wrap! Goodnight, all! Jae sang right into everyone's hearts with his vocals tonight. Thank you, Jae, for taking us back in time when things were simple with these great songs!

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