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Jeffah @ Blues Cove 18/02/2021

What is there not to love about Blues Cove? T remember the thrill of sailing here years ago - direct from Blake Sea. Tonight I wasn't so adventurous and tped in there to the warm welcome of Aqua and her team. Its a lovely venue - if Carlsberg did music venues ..... well you know the rest.

As for Jeffah? Its soo difficult to write about a Jeffah gig without running out of expletives to describe this amazing performer (ok that's one expletive used up already!) The guy is truly sensational (that's two). Is there any genre of music he can't do with real style and polish?

Tonight he took us through the full spectrum - Bowie, ZZ Top, Buble, Billy Joel, John Denver, Elton John, Ray Connick Jnr to name a few. It sounds muddled and disconnected but it wasn't. It was perfect. Stand out for me was Bob Carlisle's Butterfly Kisses which Jeffah made his own. Put simply, live music in Second Life does not get much better than this.

If you haven't been to a Jeffah gig then treat yourself. But get there early - tonight the venue soon filled to capacity and guests were finding it difficult to get in.

I love Blues Cove and I love Jeffah. Tonight was a good one!

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