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Jeffah @The Grove Amphitheater

This afternoon I took a much needed break from the chores of the real world and found myself at The Grove Amphitheater (aka Woodland Park Amphitheater). It is a stunning outdoor venue, nestled in the heart of The Grove Country Club Estates. This has to be one of the most beautiful residential communities in Second Life. I was warmly greeted by the owner Crito Masters-Galtier (crito galtier).

The Grove Country Club Estates was established in 2010 and spans 19 regions, offering residents a wide variety of amenities. They host some of the best live talent in Second Life every Sunday afternoon. What I really loved was that while I sat enjoying an afternoon of music, it didn't feel like I was on a huge sprawling area (19 regions with all of those amenities can sound quite daunting). Crito did a wonderful job of creating a relaxing, intimate atmosphere. The Grove Amphitheater is without question one of the jewels of Second Life.

Now, the reason I found myself at this venue: Jeffah. What is there not to love about this performer? Jeffah hails from Canada and is a seasoned performer both in the real world with his band FilddleStix as well as in Secondlife. His 8 member RL band has performed hundreds of shows, spanning more than 12 years. They have performed at events all over the globe!

He opened his set in grand style with 'Feeling Good'. He certainly did a stellar job and followed that up with 'All of Me', and then one of my favorites 'Just the Way You Are'. I absolutely love a good Billy Joel tune and Jeffah's execution was perfect! He kicked his set into high gear with 'Johnny B. Goode' and then transitioned to something a bit slower - 'You'll Never Find'. His set was jam packed with tunes as he followed with 5 more songs, including work by Elton John and Neil Young. Next came an audience request for 'Sway', followed by my request to hear some of his original work - 'I Won't Be Around'. He closed his set with 'At This Moment'. Jeffah did a wonderful job with all three of his final songs, but I really loved hearing his original work. I love being able to have that little peek into a performer's soul when they bring a piece of their heart to the stage and let their audience share the experience.

Jeffah gave a great performance, treat yourself to one of his shows!

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