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JLively @ Love Kats

This was the first time seeing J Lively perform so I wasn't sure what to expect and I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised.

First of all J plays the ukulele and secondly she has one of those distinctive voices that you would recognise in an instant , it's hard but if I had to compare her I'd have to say she has a little Janis Joplin in her . Her voice has a lovely slight gravelly/husky

tone to it which totally suits the songs she sings.

She started her set with a nice rendition of Vance Joy's Riptide , then sung an original called SOS which had the crowd enthralled ,followed by Coldplay's Fix You


J is a talented songwriter and many of her songs were originals and I have to say there wasn't one I didn't really enjoy . Soon she is going to Alabama to record her originals and I wish her all the best , I mean it must be hard to sing live when your son is trying to shove cotton candy in your mouth ,but J never missed a beat .

Love kats ,where J performed is owned by a lovely woman ..Kat Chauveau-Anatine who along with her hosts made sure everyone was welcome.

If you 're up for something different musically , J lively and her ukulele are a must see and if like me you're a lover of live music here in s/l be sure to get to Love Kats you wont regret it.

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